Happy New Year!!

2017 has been a real rollercoaster for me. It has had it's ups and downs but mostly it's been uphill! I have had the absolute pleasure of starting of the new year with the wonderful squad of puerto rico in GC. Then coming to Rhodes and meeting my new family, whom I cherish sooo much! And after an amazing summer with the Faliraki mafia I got to move to Thailand to start my life as an asian.

This new years started of with the classic sunday airport shift, 3 arriving flights and 3 departing flights. And boy was it busy.. After a 9h shift I came home and took a well deserved nap, then got ready for the new years dinner with the team!

And I'm so lucky to be spending my new years with Johanna who was my roomie in Gran Canaria and we also spent last year's new years together. And here we are again, but this time in Thailand!

We had a lovely dinner and then we went down to the beach and watched people send up lanters in the sky, counted down to midnight and watched the fireworks.

Then we spent the rest of the night dancing away, starting of the new year in a good way!

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I'm starting to enjoy spending christmas abroad rather then in a cold sweden. Sure I miss the cosy white snow and the swedish traditions, but it's not going anywhere so I might as well enjoy the christmas in the sun!
This christmas started as usually on a sunday - at the airport. We had 3 flights and 3 departures and we were greeting all the guests with our lovely christmas hats!

After the airport shift we headed back home to get ready for our christmas evening, first pre party on the roof and also playing the christmas presents game! Then we headed to the restaurant for a lovely not so christmasy dinner but very good tho! Then we ended up at chang bar as usual haha.

And here is a picture of the lovely team Krabi!



Let's just begin with this long ass journey here. It started with my dad driving me to the airport. I went to check in at the Qatar counter well aware of the fact that I probably had over weight. So there I was with my luggage and the lady behind the counter says, "you know you are only entitled to 30kg?" And I'm like "yes, actually I'm entitled to 40kg since I'm now a senior rep, but TUI probably hadn't pre booked the extra kilo". So the lady then goes on to tell me that my luggage weighs 38kg...... She says that if I put 2kg to the hand luggage then I only have to pay for 6kg over weight (which is something the company will pay back to me later), and what's the price you might think? Oh yeah, only 50 dollars per fucking kilo.... So the total would have been like 250 euro. I was like "no m'am, let me go and check my luggage again"....

And so I took out all my uniforms because that shit is heavy, put them in the hand luggage instead and took out some more stuff. Went back to the counter and ended up with only 31kg. Fuck yeah. And she said it was okay, and that I didn't need to pay for the 1 extra kilo.

So happy and pleased with myself I said goodbye to my dad, and went to the plane. The plane took me to Doha, Qatar where I had to chill for like 4h. The plane to Krabi left at 20:00 and I boarded the plane. We had gone maybe like 1h 30min towards thailand and then the captain says "ladies and gentleman, we unfortunately have to turn back to Doha since we have some issues with the engineering" That's almost when I blacked out since I thought, this is it, this is how I die. But then he continued with "no need for you to worry, but for safety reasons we will fly back and have some engineers look into the problem". So back we flew, and we had to change planes completely and the new flight time was 01:00....
That flight ride went much smoother and I arrived around 12:30 thai time. I had to stand in the longest and slowest queue at immigration, and I almost had a fight with this russian family who was being annoying as hell trying to squeeze before me in the queue, I'm like honey, no not today...

Finally after almost 23h of travelling I was greeted at the airport by a friendly face - Markus, my Finnish colleuge from Sicily! He is now working as the airport team leader. So he drove me to our apartments. And booooy am I lucky? We have such nice apartments, for sure the best accommodation I've had all seasons. And the best part is that cleaners come and clean it once a week for free. Yasss thailand!

So I started writing this post just three days in to Thailand, and now it's been more than 1 month! Time really flew, I have been on many excursions waiting for my work permit to come through. I have been on so many boat trips, I can't even keep count. But boy have it been fun! And finally i've gotten a really nice tan!
Since thailand is full of beautiful water and islands almost all the excursions we have are boat trips to these places. We also have other kinds of excursions that doesn't involve taking a boat to beautiful islands.

One excursion we went on was a Kayaking day. And I'm not one for that kind of stuff but it was so lovely! Well at first, me and jojo shared a kayak but haha we turned out the be the slowest of the bunch. We came to our first stop which was these caves that had these paintings in them that were over like 4000 years old.

After that cave the guide decided that we were too slow haha so I got to go in the Kayak with the guide and Jojo went with our team leader. And then I could really start to enjoy the excursion because my guide basically took over and told me I didn't really have to do much! Lucky for me but unlucky for the others who were kind of struggling, but so fun to see hah.

Another excursion we went on was to go and bathe elephants in the elephant sanctuary! This is like a haven for elephants that have been mistreated before, and here they are being taken care of, and we come and visit them to help them get a mud bath. This really warms my heart since they are usually treating elephants bad here in Thailand and only uses them to gain money from tourists.

It was so nice tho, this sweet old elephant we bathed was 40 years old! She went for a walk with us down to a muddy area, and in we got to help her get muddy. But guess what this beauty did, she pooped when we was in the water! And that made us realise that all this "mud" was actually a mix of mud and poop. I don't think I have ever felt as close to mother nature than in that moment. Then we washed her off and I'm not sure if she got that clean after it since it was the same water x) but I don't think that beauty minded.

One of my biggest fears before moving to Thailand was not, omg Jackie, how will you survive the spicy food they have over there? or omg Jackie, how are you gonna manage speaking their language over there? No no no, this was something else. OMFG Jackie, how the hell are you gonna be able to drive on the left side of the road!?

But boooy have I got news for you. I'm a natural. First of all I would like to give a big round of applause to the person who created automatic driving rather than driving with a stick. It is sooo much easier and I have no idea why not everyone is driving with an automatic car?! All you need is gas and break. That easy! No clutch no nothing! And suuuure i've had a few near death experiences already driving here on the left side, but to my defence, it's all these bloody motorcycles everywhere taking up the streets left right and center. Me no gusta.
But yeah! Otherwise I feel like I have overcome my fear of driving on the wrong side of the road!

I have also managed to take my Open Water Dive certificate! Which means that I now am one step closer to my main water goal - to swim with blue whales! I mean why aim low like "finding nemo" when you can reach for the bigger things, literally - blue whales!
The only problem with this is that my ears cannot handle the pressure. And OH yeah I saw my first shark! And before you freak out, this shark is a vegetarian. They are called a black tip reef shark. So there I was, minding my own business snorkelling around looking for the blow fishes, and then I see this black shape. I start swimming towards it to see clearer and then I see the shark. I hear the shark music dun dun dun dun as it swims closer and I know the shark is a vegetarian but just to be safe I swam the fuuuck away from there as fast as my swim feet allowed me!

Last week we finally got our work permits! It took over a month!
We started with doing airport shift and then service in the hotels. And this monday me and Ida A had our first welcome meeting for the season and we SLAYED IT! So much fun being back in the uniform, and so far for me at least, the biggest complaint coming from the guests were "why is it raining?" and that's when you kind of want to hit them with some sort of scientific shit like "Rain - and other forms of precipitation occur when warm moist air cools and condensation occurs. Since warm air can hold more water than cool air, when the warmer air is cooled the moisture condenses to liquid - and it rains.." hahaha yes I had to google that.

But I'm not gonna complain since it could be way worse complaints. But now luckily the rain period is starting to end and the heat and sunshine is coming. I honestly don't think that my body will ever manage to handle this kind of warmth.

Well that's it for now, and until next time! Sawadee-kaaaa!



Another amazing season has come to an end... I flew to Rhodes with not so many high hopes since Rhodes wasn't even on the list of places I applied to. Funny story how I managed to get Rhodes.

So flashback to Sicily when me and Oscar were slayin it, and the thought of another season without each other was unbearable. So in this company, you can apply for destinations together with friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Me and oscar was like... HELL YEAH! So we went in to apply, and there was this one box that said something like: "If in a relationship, state the name of the person you wish to apply with". And since we didn't find another box for friends we just assumed this was the same one so there we put each others name. We chose completely different destinations (which no one told us we couldn't do...) And then pressed apply.

Same day my manager calls me and says "Are you and Oscar a couple?" Im like, "eehhh no, he's gay, you know that" she's like "well you guys just applied as a couple" I looked at Oscar and said, Oscar we have to get married now. If that's what it takes for us to end up in the same place.

But after that we both got our placements, I was going to Gran Canaria for winter, and he was going to Mexico (no, not at all jealous), and then we both got Rhodes for the summer. So TUI had really tried to get us something together but it must have been hard for them since we chose completely different.

So I thought, okay Oscar, one season and then we will be reunited again.
But unfortunately things change and Oscar decided to ditch me and left TUI before even making it to Rhodes (I'm still sad about it Oscar....). And so there I was, on the plane to Rhodes with no hopes, but then I met Jasmin. Thank god for that!

And now, 6 months later, I wouldn't have wished for any other destination or team. It has been absolutely ah-mazing.

After each season I always think the same, "how am I gonna make new friends like these I have met here? It's not gonna be the same. It's probably not gonna be as fun." And to my surprise, you always manage to meet new people who keeps bringing so much to your life. This is a huge part of why I love working as a guide, because of all the different personalities you meet, and friends you make.

You meet these people that you probably would never have hung out with at home and these people then turn out to be people you feel like "oh my looord where have you been all my life??" And this is basically how I feel about my squad I have had in Rhodes. Each and everyone of you have given me so much joy and laughter and made my memory of Rhodes an amazing one.

And a special shout out to Jasmin, Alana, Sophie, Katariina, Mia, Magnus & Nick for suffering through my forced friendship on a daily basis ;). It has been a pleasure for me and I hope it's been for you guys as well! <3

I am now currently sat at Qatar's airport waiting for my flight that will take me to my 4th season, Thailand - Krabi!



After having Alex visiting me for a week, and Alex left to go home back to Malta we spoke and I had my holiday coming up for a week and didn't know where to go. So we came up with the genius idea of me going to visit her in Malta!
Said and booked!

First of all, let me just begin with the flight over there.
So I was flying from Rhodes all the way to Hamburg because that was the cheapest flight hehe. Then I literally had like 45 min to change to the next plane going to Malta. The flight was already a little delayed and me being paranoid as always started to panic because it seemed like EVERYONE was being slow on purpose.... so the bus is waiting for us outside the flight, we get on the bus and it takes us to gate A. I get in airport and went straight to the screen to check where my gate was, and of course it had to be gate C. So believe it or not, I had to RUN... ME.. RUNNING?! wow that's a first... As I make it to my gate totally out of breath I see this big line to malta and I was like que?! I thought I was the last one there and that they were going to scream my name over the speaker like "m'aaammm jackie, get you ass to gate C pronto!". But no, apparently there was a bit of delay.

Perfectly fine I thought since this was the last flight I had to take. We get on the bus that drives us BACK TO THE SAME GOD DAMN PLANE I WAS ON!!! Like come oooon!! hahah so I had stressed all the way from the airplane just to go back on the exakt same one. God was laughing out loud I could hear it.

Anyhow! So I finally make it to Malta and Alex texts me saying that the taxi is running a but late, I think hey, i'm on vacation, no stress! And then she comes to get me from inside and we walk towards the taxi's.

Then there is this big ass taxi waiting for us and I'm like, Alex, why this big taxi? It's only the 2 of us? AND BAM! MICAELA POPPS OUT SAYING "SURPRIIIISE!!"

Hold up. For anyone who don't know who Micaela is, let me just give you a quick recap.

So when I was working as a back up receptionist for Ericsson I hanged a lot in the reception 04-05 which was Micaelas reception! She was working with this old crazy dog lady ( nothing wrong with that at all!) and this lady then quit, and the reception 04-05 was in need of a new receptionist, and in comes Alexandra! So for a week time all 3 of us was working together and it was a BLAST! And since then we have been the destiny's children, me obviously being beyonce, Alex is Kelly and Micaela is #poormichelle hahah <3

So can you believe my chock when I saw Mic there!! Ughh it was a beautiful moment!! I haven't seen her in ages! So there we were, the destiny's children back at it again! #survivors

When we got back to Alex and her boyfriend Marcellos apartment (which is GORGEOUS #goals) Marcello had been such a nice person and cooked chicken and rice for me just as I asked! We had such a fun dinner and I could tell Marcello would be sooo ready for us to leave at the end of the week since we were so hype! hahah. He had no idea about what was to come x).

We get up on the roof to watch the city at night and Alex being the perfect host brought Sambuca which turned out to be the drink of the trip!

Morning came and we thought it would be a good idea to do some shopping since both me and mic thought that we hadn't brought enough clothes with us haha... Then after a few hours spent going around almost all the stores in Malta we decided to enjoy the afternoon sun and go for a lovely swim.

OH and on a side note, I have this weird obsession with whales, they are the most magnifique animal there is.. So there we were, in TGR just minding our own business shopping random shit, and out of nowhere Alex finds these two whale teddy bears, and may I just say, it was love at first sight!! I mean look at this beauty:

Her name is whale (I know, super creative).

When we got back home the sun had set and Mic being the dancehall queen that she is told us that she had never seen dirty dancing! Since it was so warm we decided to go up to the roof and have a movie night. We brought up pillows and blankets and made this cute little place for the movie night. Alex being a great host brought sambuca with her up to the roof and we decided that it's a great idea! Something Mic also found out was that me and Alex LOVES talking whilst watching a movie, we literally comment on everything xD. Unfortunately we didn't manage to watch more than like 20 min before we were distracted by music instead. So we ended up listening to major lazers mix tape, we listened to throw back classics, some beyonce and so on. Time flew by and before we knew it it was already 3 in the morning, so off to bed we went.

The day after that Alex took me and Mic on a lovey boat trip around Malta, and finally there was some wind! Something that Malta has is the warmth but nooo wind what so ever. I don't know how she has managed to survive there for so long. Since it was so hot we then after the boat trip decided to go sunbathing and in the evening we went to the capital Valletta, which is such a beautiful town! We had a nice dinner and nice walk in the evening.

On our 4th day we decided to do some exploring! We went to this place called Blue Grotto that is supposed to have these beautiful caves that you can see when you go with the boat. Being tourists we were like, alrighty then! But man we were a bit dissapionted. We expected a bit more from the caves, but snorkelling there on our own after the boat trip was quiet beautiful!

After lunch we went to Mdina which also is another town, and it was super cosy there!!
We then also had done some research about this place called the dingli cliffs that is supposed to be this amazing place:

But haha well we tried to get there to see the sunset. We ended up going this super strange place that I don't think was the right way x) BUT we found this really nice spot anyways and just enjoyed the sunset together!

Literally like 12h later we came home and fell asleep pretty much asap.

After that day of exploring Alex and Marcello took us to the famous Blue Lagoon for a snorkel and some sunbathing. Blue Lagoon is really beautiful!

Our last day together before Mic had to go home we started off by just chilling at home, then we went for dinner in Valetta and also saw the sunset from a rooftop, combined with sambuca of course. It was friday night and Alex was gonna take us out and show us the nightlife. And like Rhodes, they had their own bar street. But we felt like no gracias, we want something more fancy. So Alex and Marcello first took us to this lovely bar which had a view over Malta, and a thing you will notice in Malta is that they LOVE fireworks..... EVERY night there is fireworks somewhere.. And since Malta is super flat, you could see it all around you. Everytime we were on Alex's roof it felt like new years x)

After that they took us to the highest building in Malta, called 22. Maan it was fancy AF, and the view was breath taking! And at the top floor there was this party, and the music was soooo good! So many good old songs mixed with new songs. It was a blast! Great music, good drinks and amazing company. Perfect ending to this lovely trip with the destinys children.

Mic went home and my last night, me Alex and Marcello went to the movies, and afterwards me and Alex recorded another episode for our podcast ;)

Big Thank You to Alex, Mic and Marcello for making this trip so much fun! Can't wait to see you guys soon!!



One of the perks of working as a guide abroad is the fact that your family and friends can come and visit you and you can take them around and be their local guide.

And lucky as I am, my best friend Alexandra decided to come and visit me for a week! We have had such an amazing week together. Thankfully I had saved some days off so I got 3 days of in a row when she came. So monday Alexandra being my sugar daddy decided that she wanted to spoil us by booking a night in a really greek styled apartment in the heart of Lindos. We went to Lindos and went for a hunt trying to find this place, and after a lot of sweat but no tears we managed to find it. It was absolutely EVERYTHING! It was sooooo cozy and had that greek feeling to everything. It was so simple yet so elegant. Here is a photo from it:
(No we did not take 80 photos in order to get this one perfect photo)

Then we thought that we are both hard working girls and we are on vacation together (or first ever) so we went to this roof top restaurant in Lindos, and my oh my the food was Ah-mazing, but the view was even better!
We also managed to record a new episode to our podcast "Random Thoughts"

So after 2 lovely days we headed back to faliraki. I still had a day off left so we decided to do a little road trip! There is a place on the island called Monolithos Castles which is a place I've been wanting to visit for a while. It was a really nice road trip with some good Beyoncé and Major Lazer marathon blasting thruough the stereo.

It took us around 2 hours to get there and it was so fun to drive there as well since it was like such windy roads there. And the view was very very nice! Monolithos Castle was very pretty and we took some nice photos from there. Then we had to hurry back to Rhodes Town BECAUSE Alex was getting a tattoo! A best friend tattoo! I already had mine made, so I went with alex as moral support ;) Then went back home and got ready for a classic night out in the lovely Falirakiii!

Then unfortunately I had to get back to work the last days but we still tried to enjoy my siestas together!

It was lovely having her here since it's been forever!!



So our beloved Mia is going home in two weeks because she is to cool to be a guide anymore (boooo!) So we have started to do a bucket list of things our little nordic team needs to do before she leaves. And one of them was make a bonfire at the beach and watch the stars!

The day before yesterday me and Jasmin went to collect wood, with help from Happy as well (Yes her real name is Happiness and I'm so mad that my mother didn't name me that....). We collected enough wood for the fire to burn for almost 3 hours.

We made it to Afandou beach at around 9 at night, and Jasmin being a nature girl started digging the pit that we needed to make the fire. Then within a few minutes we had a really good fire going! Me and sophie are such city girls in comparison to Jasmin, Mia and Katariina. They are way down to earth..

We sang awfully whilst watching the bonfire and enjoyed some drinks. After the fire was done we all laid down and watched the stars, it was so beautiful!!

And just my luck, we were laying there watching the stars, and after like laying still for like 15 min I picked up my phone to check the time, and LITERALLY in the moment I look at my screen I hear Kat and Soph go "OMG SHOOTING STAR!"
Like coooomeeee ooooooooooon, how could I have missed that?!?!?!.... I forced everyone to stay as long as we needed in order for me to see a shooting star, but I gave up after 20 min... But apart from that it was such a nice evening with my girls!

Jasmin is the best photographer and look at this photo she managed to take!



Kalispera! Whichs means good evening in greek. Yes I have finally learnt some words after more than 3 months here. I must say that the greek language is hard! It makes no sense kind of. Spanish and italian is so similiar so you can just fake it till you make it there, here it took me 2 weeks to learn how to say "thank you" correctly..

Well well, so last week we had this heat wave coming to Rhodes and shieeeet it was so warm. We had like 45-48 degrees for 3 days in a row. The wind was blowing so warm, it was as if someone was blowing with a hair dryer in your face at full speed. Not so nice. And to top that off, my room was worse than all saunas in Finland combined... I lived on the top floor with a balcony which i never used because mosquito's and heat.. So I always preferred to stay in my bed. BUT since I was living on the top floor the sun thought it would be fun to scorch my room. It was sooooo warm! Even the floors and walls were warm!! The air condition only blew cold air right underneath it but did not cool down the room at all! I took 4 showers a day because I sweat so much. Every time I got out of the shower I never got dry, I didn't know if I was still wet or if it was sweat. And the nights were the worst, waking up sweating. NO GRACIAS!

And to top that of, the whole island had power cuts back and forth. So one night the whole buildings electricity cut, I'm talking air condition and fridge not working! I died. We all did. And I had so many guests complaining as well as their air condition in the rooms wasn't cold enough, I was like bro! Come and see my apartment and we will see who's having trouble sleeping...

3 of my colleagues lives downstairs on the bottom floor, and their rooms are like fridges. I told the landlord that I can't deal with the heat and that I want to move down asap, and he said that within a week I could move down. HALLELUJAH! So the last week I slept over at Alana's place because she lived downstairs which was super nice.

And a few days ago I finally got to move down, and my oh my is it wonderful. I will never not appreciate the cold any more

Apart from that I have finally for the first time in my life gone scuba diving!! It was harder than I thought since you have to bare in mind stuff like equalizing the ear pressure, not to get water in your goggles, trying not to die in general haha. So the first dive I was to focused on not dying that I couldn't really enjoy anything, but then the second dive I did I felt like a mermaid (I probably looked like a whale tho). But it was so nice, I just relaxed, and floated around. The key to surviving for me was not going too deep, so I didn't have to worry about the ear pressure. I was scared of coming to close to the fishes and touching the stones, and now that I come to think of it, maybe snorkeling is more my thing!

And recently I have noticed that I might be allergic to the salt water, because every time I go for a swim I end up with these red rash on my body, and it itches like hell. But as soon as I take a shower it goes away. Another reason for me to stick to the pool life.
So that is the marina life that I've been exploring so far here in Rhodes!

Then me and my lovely team that consists of Mia, Katariina, Jasmin and Sophie has been spending some quality time together, going on road trips, beach days and so on, and I am soo glad I got this little team of weird people with me. They have definitely made this season so much better for me!

Oh and the other day me Alana, Nick and Jasmin went to an Escape Room. For those of you who don't know what it is, basically it is a room where you go in to. You have a limited amount of time to solve different riddles in order to escape the room! (hence escape room)

The first time I did this was with my brothers and my brothers wife. Maaaan that was so funny haha, we had this like prison room it started with, and we had to figure out how the prisoner escaped and who helped him.
The team was my very smart brother Sammy, my other smart brother Joakim, his really smart wife Mia and then me. Hhaha I was just there basically keeping the spirit up whilst they solved everything x) and we did make it out literally 1 min before the time was over! YAY US! #familygoals #detectivefamily #sherlocks

BUT here in Rhodes, as I said, we decided to try this escape room as a birthday present to Nick. But this was not your ordinary room.. This was a freaking HAUNTED HOUSE!!! (or room eheh ) And this was inspired by the horror movie the conjuring. And little did we know that there was some live actors in this!

My oh my... So the room was quite tiny and we had to find all these riddles and solve them in order to find the missing girl who has been possesed by a demon. And whilst we are looking and trying to solve shit, all the lights goes of and it goes pitch black. and someone starts banging on the door. I pissed my pants, I'm not gonna lie. Not my proudest moment.

Then we solved some stuff and continued in to the next room and there it was so dark, and like blood on the walls and we had to crawl through a little whole to get there, and then out of nowhere it goes dark again AND SOMEONE COMES CRAWLING IN!!! Fuuuuuuuckkkkkkk, I was so scared I held Jasmin infront of me as some sort of shield, ready to sacrifice her at any cost! At that point I realized that I am a horrible human being, and shouldn't be allowed to have friends since I only care about myself apparently.

Anyways, we didn't make it to the end... We finished 80% of the room tho which was really good, and the guy who was responsible talked to us afterwards and said that we worked so well as a team, and could see that we had a good dynamic listening to each other. He told us that there are so many groups that are horrible, and people really show their true colors.

I think the funniest part was when I used Jasmin as a shield and she started to cry in panic. (Once again, I'm a horrible friend because I couldn't help myself but to laugh at her )

But all in all, it was a exciting experience and you kind of get to know yourself a bit more, and how you will handle scary situations. They have just finished building another room where you will be held hostage by a murderer with a chainsaw and you need to escape him.
No thanks, I'm good.

On a happier note! On sunday my best friend Alexandra comes all the way from Malta to hang with me for a week!! I'm soooo excited and we will record a new episode for our podcast "Random Thoughts" ! We are going to have so much fun and explore all of Rhodes together!! Wopwooop!!

I believe that is it for now!




So last night I was sleeping like a baby and at 01.30 I just woke up by the whole bed shaking. Waking up not knowing what is happening is sooo confusing! Then I saw the lamp in the ceiling swinging back and forth, and I got super dizzy. I then stood up and though " shit, this is an earthquake, what do I do?! " I grabbed my phone, computer and passport and went to my window to see if anyone else has reacted and then it thankfully stopped shaking!
We have this group chat with everyone who lives in our building and everyone went off in it, OMG earthquaaake!.
It was such an uncomfortable feeling and it made me kind of sick..

But I'm alive and well and one experience richer!

Thanks to everyone who contacted me to ask if I was okay, I'm like destiny's child #survivor.



So where we live in Faliraki there is this astronomy café that is on top of the hill. It's like a 20-30 minute walk up there, but we decided to take the car, lazy as we are, but it was good, because I do not want to go there after dark.

We have heard about this place when we came, and also seen signs on the road there, so me and Jasmin and her cousin Jenna decided to visit it yesterday since they just opened 2 days ago. When we arrived to the top it was still sunset, and it was such a nice view over faliraki on one side and anthony quinn bay on the other. We sat down and got the menu and I decided to spoil myself with a strawberry banana milkshake ;) The man serving us was really friendly and told us that the owner who is also the guide for this tour will be with us soon. We waited for like 30 minutes til it got dark and we could see all these stars in the sky already and the half moon. There was this one bright star that I though was the star you are supposed to follow if you get lost at sea, but no, that turned out to be freaking Jupiter!!
I didn't know that what I was watching the whole time was a planet!! So cool, so even before it started I was already amazed.

Yhey had like this little garden with all these information about the stars and the planets, and greek mythology. I just felt like this was going to be my standard café ;).

Then the owner, whos name I have already forgotten since it's greek and greek names are complicated, came and greeted us. He tooks us on a little tour and then took us up in to this observatory place. In there he had this massive telescope and as he was fixing with the settings he told us all about the facts, about what you can see up in the sky and how everything worked. The coolest part was that he has never gotten any astronomy education, but this has always been his passion, and I think that is the key to learning. You really have to have the passion for it, and it rubs of on people you show your passion for.
We first started with Jupiter, which was soooo cool! You could actually see the surface on it, and also we could see 4 out of it's 67 moons! And the moons are equally as big as the earth!
After that he changed settings and showed us a star, that was shining bright, but was actually 2 stars very close to each other. And he said that every 3rd star is actually 2 stars close to each other. So cool to see.

And then, finally he zoomed in on the beautiful moon, and daaamn the light that reflects on it was so bright! You should not stare to long, because it's not good for your eye, but I was too amazed to stop looking x).
It was just so fascinating to see the moon so up close and just imagining that someone has actually been on it, walking there. Ah-mazing.

But the best part was when he said, oh give me your camera and turn of the flash, I did, and he then took a picture of the moon via the telescope and look at this beauty:

As most of you all know, I am veerry very easily impressed. Everything from big things like the fact that some has walked on the moon, to small things like how good Oscar is at parking.

But this was absolutely so cool. So if you come to Rhodes, I strongly recommend that you visit the astronomy café. They also do full moon parties there! With over 300 people attending, like sign me up!