A Beautiful Ending-

One of the most beautiful phenomenon that happens everywhere on earth. A view that will always be unique in the eyes of many. A scene where you can see the essence of nature.

It was a two day and half trip via land where we had traveled all the way from Lanao del Norte-Dapitan City where we board a ship taking our two vehicles an SUV and VAN. It was a stressful and long journey to Boracay but the places and scenery through the Island of Negros will still make up for the time that we had spent.

Our first stop was Dumaguete City where we had our breakfast in the docks. After eating, We directly proceeded to Bacolod City through mountains. This was the longest time travelling on land nearly Ten hours was consumed.

We met some locals on our way and some don't understand Bisaya. It was kind of funny through the journey. There was even who was surprised that we came from Lanao del Norte where infamous chaotic events that took place not too long ago.

Finishing Bacolod City, We took a ferry that transported us to the nearby city of Ilo-ilo. There we found a bustling city full of beautiful people. It reminds me of Cagayan de Oro City maybe because they are similar for me. It varies on opinion.

Leaving Ilo-ilo city behind us, We have nearly reached our destination of the famous island of Boracay. Everyone was getting excited thinking they would step on one of the renowned beaches of the Philippines.