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Dolores: opprinnelig spansk kvinnenavn som betyr sorger og smerter. Hentet fra en av de spanske tittlene til Jomfru Maria, ”La Virgen Maria De los Dolores”, ”jomfru Maria av sorgene”.

- Jetta Frost

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It's amusing somehow isn't it? but for me also totally excruciating.

Recently I have been diagnosed with Crohn's.

For those of you who don't know, Crohn`s is a inflammatory bowel disease. Wow, it sounds horrible "a disease". Its a chronic illness, but at the moment I am on strong medication to control the symptoms.
Symptomes may include abdominal pain (stomach aches), fatigue, reduced appetite and wight loss, diarrhea, fevers etc.

To this day I am tacking 4 prednisone tablets a day. My doctor has given me yet another longer period where I NEED to continue predsinone and gradually step down in dosage each week. But it's tacking like forever! This is why Prednisone is my freinemy:

(Prednisone are strong steroids)

1. My face feels like a balloon thats on the verge of bursting and looks like a moon, and I can now make a "tripplechin" with very little effort!!

2. My appetite is all over the place - one minuet I fucking hate food, and then 3 am laying in bed at night (hyper as hell) I am imagining what I am going to have for breakfast the next day, and oh, don't think thats all noo... When I eventually get up in the morning to have my breakfast I can eat one breakfast and then want seconds!!!!!!

3. Yes, I am hyper at 3 am, well no thats a lie, I was... Imagine how bad it was when i was on 8 (!!) tablets a day , now I am on 4 and I still kinda want a second breakfast in the mornings and like now I feel tired but I'm on the verge of getting all hyped up watching a youtube video or some shit in a second.

4. Moodswings! One jepp, today I cried, I cried because I couldnt decide what to have for breakfast... And shortly after I understood how stupid I was and I started laughing and then crying again and yeah you get the picture?

5.Facial HAIR??

Haha, okey so this one is quite strange and amusing actually. The other week I while studying my lovely moon face in the mirror discovered a few extra long black hair on my upper lip! What did I do? I googled "prednisone facial hair" and yes It seems it was yet another side effect.

6.My hair is falling off! My hair is much thinner than normal and every time I am in the shower I can pull out quite a lot of hair and its really scary tbh! And yes I bought wax strips emideatly after to get rid of the mustache. (lol)

Positive effects of Prednisone:


Okey , soo I understand after tacking these tablets for a few months now, how much they actually help my body to get up in the morning and live a normal life. Don't get me wrong tho, I am still pissed off with all the side effects like the 2 M's (moodswings and moonfaced). Last week I stopped tacking Prednisone and guess what happened ? I got intense abdominal pain (again), I literally could not eat anything without wanting to vomit and I was as tired as anything.

So how ever much I want to quit tacking this medicine atm I can't until my next tablets(Imurel) start kicking in which is estimated to take 2-3 months.

All the side affects of these steroids suck, but I have less pain so, one bad thing gone, for the sake of getting another few not as bad things?

This doest just effect me physically but it effects my confidence and my ability to react fully socially. My confidence is always something that has been a big part of my personality and I can't say that it has gone, but rather just put on "stand by" for a little.

Don't get me wrong, the moon face isn't the entire problem. I am not that superficial. Its everything really. I want to hide. Physiologically/ mentally it is draining to not be able to do things either because of the pain and the fatigue. But atm I can live with tacking 4 Prednisone (or less) a day until I get my new medication working.

I am just happy to be up on my feet, I mean It could always be worse.

I have really noticed the importance of not judging and treating people with full respect at all times, because you never know what people are going through on the inside.

- Jetta Frost

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I am home, and I have been home for 2 weeks now.

It feels normal again, almost like i never left. All the pictures on my camera roll seem distant now and unreal. Like a dream, I know I tok the pictures and the shade on my skin proves it. I would love to go back soon, the best thing about being away was the feeling of being totally free, not thinking about anything but that exact moment I found myself in.

Hopefully I will be able to finish this year and my finals and get that feeling of freedom back again. If my heath stays somewhat balanced and ok until the summer I will be more than grateful.

Pictures from my series "immersion" , these were taken late summer in the river by my house

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My christmas eve- the 24th of december was spent snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef with my family. It was an amazing experience to see all of the coral and different types of fish, it's like a total different world underneath the water surface, -Breathtaking-

The water was 27 degrees and the boat trip out to the reef tok about 2 and a half hours from the mainland. Somehow on the last picture, we could almost have been anywhere in the world? Funny enough it doest look like we just had been snorkeling in The Great Barrier Reef. The picture could even have been taken in Norway. The wetsuits were a must, because of the deadly stingers in the water, the suits acted as a kind of protection, but we probably should have had proper stinger suits on.

This is certainly the best christmas present I have ever received, an experience of a lifetime and one to cross of my bucket list. 


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After leaving out nice Mango Lagoon resort, we picked up our cute little toyota hias camper. My internet connection is very bad atm, but I will hopefully be able to update more when we get down to Brisbane after christmas.

I have vloged almost everyday and I can't wait to post it when I get a better wifi connection. It is 32 degrees now and I have to get off this computer and into the pool. Update you later xx

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I'm here, and everything is new.

After getting on the plane in Hong Kong local time: 20:25 and a 6 and a half hour flight, I arrived in Australia local time: 6:45 in the morning, and my head was and is still some place else. My body is still sick and in a healing process and I'm on very strong medication. My doctor gave me the ok to go on this holiday under the circumstanses that I continue taking the tablets at the agreed time and hold regular contact with him if necessary. Some days are better than others, and the good days I treasure. Getting out of the airport doors in Cairns to 29 degrees, checking into mango lagoon resort - Palm Cove, feeling the warm breeze on the beach and swimming in the salt water 50 m pool is definitely not making me any worse. Im am relaxing and it is so nice to get away for a while.

I feel lucky.

I have vloged most of my trip to this day and I will be posting some of them on my youtube channel very soon, hope you follow me on my Australian adventure.


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Today was the day- I woke up a 9:00 and didn't feel very well tbh. Luckily for me the pain in my stomach faded and It wasn't long until I was at the busstop freezing and wrapped in scarfs because wearing my winter jacket would be pointless.

Breakfast in Oslo.

It is now 01:33 local time London, and I am tucked up in the hotel bed watching "the undatables " and edting a little of my vlogg. Our flight to Hong Kong at 20:30 was cancelled. So we are now booked into an Airport hotel and will hopefully be on the plane to Hong Kong tomorrow. Another step closer to our final destination- Australia!! 



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I have not really felt the christmas spirit this year, coming from -7 degrees and landing in 32 in a land where the summer holiday had just begun, just made no sense in my head. For christmas we camped at early beach resort and at night the whole campsite was lit up with lights and blow up santas. The campsite even had an outdoor movie screening, which was in some ways so bizarre but awesome! All u need was to grab a beer and a camping chair and they even sold popcorn.

I have just bought an Australian sim card and payed for some data, because the internet in the hotels and campsites has been so unpredictable, meaning i have not been able to update much and use insta, snap and Facebook, which knowing how addicted I am - its been a nightmare.

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"Dense forest" series 4

There is something magical about these pictures. They were taken in connection with the development of my online wed site/portfolio. This series of pictures is one of many series I call "interrupted stories".

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