How Much Do Popular Plastic Surgeries Cost In America

Perhaps, because individuals are spending more than ever before from the quest to look younger and more appealing. A new report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) discovered that Americans spent $16 billion on cosmetic plastic surgery and minimally invasive procedures in 2016.

The hottest surgical procedures and their federal average prices were:

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  • breast augmentation -- over 290,000 processes at a price of approximately $3,700 each.
  • Liposuction -- roughly 235,000 processes at $3,200.
  • Nose reshaping -- 223,000 processes at $5,000.
  • Tummy tuck -- nearly 128,000 processes at about $5,800.
  • Buttock enhancement -- almost 19,000 processes at roughly $4,400.

However, what if you are lacking that Kardashian money? Are there any ways you can enhance your looks?

The very popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and their federal average prices were: wrinkle therapy shots (botulinum toxin type-A, or Botox), using 7 million processes at a price of $385 per; hyaluronic acid fillers, together with two million processes at $644 per; chemical peel, using 1.3 million processes at $673 per; nonetheless, with 775,000 processes at $138 per; and laser treatments, with over 650,000 processes at $433 each.

The price of the majority of processes travelled upward from 2015 to 2016. The sole exception was that the average price of breast augmentation operation. This operation was almost 3% more economical, the report found.

Liposuction prices went up 6 per cent, and nose reshaping operation prices increased by the exact same percentage.

Factors which impact the price of cosmetic surgery comprise the kind of operation, location of operation, surgeon's expertise and insurance policy. Those prices do not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other expenses that are relevant.

"Before you undergo any process, be certain that you're placing yourself at the hands of just the most competent and highly trained plastic surgeons. The price of any process isn't anywhere near as important as doing your assignments and picking a surgeon whose main focus is the security," Dr. Sunil Arora stated in a society news release.



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