A home represents a big part in so many areasof your life. It is a place who witnessed all the good and bad things happenedin your life as well as your hopes and dreams. It is where you will define yourfuture plans; this is why Oakmere Home advisors exerts a lot of energy in building theperfect home that will meet your needs. The organization wants your future to be as good as their houses. Withsuch house, you will be inspired to wake every morning with a positive attitudetowards life.


The team of Oakmere advisors composed of peoplefriendly individuals, expect a positive and enthusiastic approach from them.They will ensure that your purchase is truly worth buying and will treat youlike a good friend where you will feel uniquely valued and appreciated.Moreover, their expertise in handling customers makes it impossible toencounter any problems because the team makes sure that everything is in order.


Nurturing relationships with clients is veryimportant; this is why Oakmere's staff ensures to keep their clients updated atevery stage of the process. They will definitely give their best to resolve anyproblem that may arise right away. Every single Oakmere Homes review shows theclient's satisfaction with their impressive customer care.


Furthermore, the reviews show that homebuyersare thankful with the company for assisting them on relocating to their newhome. Oakmere Homes and their patient and commitment in their work can lead toan excellent customer experience.


Client reviews found on the company's site actas thank you letters filled with praise and admiration for the company, withoutany fraud, and its service.   OakmereHomes and their way of delivering assistance, effort and patience are quiteremarkable, and their clients are genuinely grateful for it. Every homebuyervalues the hard work of the staffs in providing the perfect home fits to theirneeds. Oakmere Homes aims to develop a home where you can invest your hopes anddreams as the foundation for your future.

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Oakmere Homes is aremarkably known builder of quality new homes in Lancashire, Yorkshire andCumbria. Oakmere and their dedication to homebuilding made them one of theleading residential developers in their region. You and your family willdefinitely enjoy the peace and calm atmosphere brought by their homes.


Oakmere is excellentin finding suitable locations for new site developments. Specialist in Oakmereunderstands that one aspect that homebuyers taken into consideration are thelocation of the house, its neighborhood and surrounding area. This is exactlywhy Oakmere’s objective is to provide a convenient location with the goodmarket condition and with an easy access to school districts, local amenitiesand transport networks.


Over the years, OakmereHomes does not simply create ideal homes but alsoprovides a safe and beautiful community for the residents. They know how toprioritize and put the needs of the people in the center of their development.Oakmere Homes, as a privately residential construction company, meeting theneed of every homebuyer is their primary goal. They aim for the bestspecification, quality and customer care.


Every Oakmereadvisors review admires the house locations and architectural styles which werebuilt from high-quality materials available. Oakmere employs not just locallyrespected contractors but also well-known project managers to provide you andyour family a high-quality home.


Visit Oakmere’sofficial website to see the newest and upcoming homes. Or if you are seekingrecent news and events of the company, connect through their Facebook, Twitterand Instagram page.


Need additionalassistance? The company’s staff will willingly help you with your questions andconcerns. Call them now.



The staff of Oakmere Homes certainly has astrong commitment. All of them are perfectionists when it comes to their job,making all their houses high-quality. Oakmere offers their homes across Cumbriaand Lancashire.


Moving is also easier with Oakmere as well asfinding the perfect home for your family. The modern specification of theirhomes is wonderful as it includes energy efficiency that allows customers tosave money for many years. Oakmere and their SieMatic kitchen always get praisefrom a lot of people as well as the nice little touches on their houses withstriking details.


The company will make sure that you won't faceany problems during the process because their team can organize everythingbeforehand and quickly handle any predicaments. Every development is made fromexcellent skills and is practical for customers. One can find all theadvantages in a property with Oakmere Homes.


As mentioned earlier, Oakmere includesthoughtful touches in their houses such as a hard-wired doorbell, exteriorlights, external water tap, and soft closing cupboard doors. The part exchangeand move are also trouble-free with Oakmere Homes, making customers alwaysimpressed with their services.


Based on each Oakmere Homeadvisor reviews,the company ensures that every detail is looked upon to so that everything willwork out well. Don't worry about the company's capabilities because they oftenexceed customers’ expectations and are really easy to deal with. The companyalso has high levels of insulation with great build quality that allowscustomers to save on heating bills.


If you prefer a tranquil surrounding withpersonable neighbors, then Oakmere Homes is for you because they always choosea good location for their developments. You will surely enjoy all your timethere because their homes have great features.



For Oakmere Homes,building quality homes involves strong passion and determination. Many yearshave passed but the family company still stands firm and continues to giveexceptional service to their customers.


A home that couldlast for a long period of time is what everybody wants, so the company puts alot of effort in building the perfect home for everyone. Every Oakmere Homesreview shows that the company can deliver a smooth and easy process in findinga new home, as well as moving into one. They are also widely known for having agood camaraderie with their customers.


Oakmere Homesunderstands the needs of the modern family, therefore creating excellent andaffordable new homes for them.  Oakmerehas garnered a lot of customers since 1981 and each of them shows theirsatisfaction on the company's services through their reviews where some ofwhich are posted on the company’s website. From day one to present, it stillremains a privately run family company.


You can find on any OakmereHome advisor reviews its strong image in building beautifuland incredible homes that have an extra special touch with a sense of communityin their developments. They are renowned for putting their customers’ needsfirst as well as ensuring that their houses were excellently built.


Throughout the years,the team at Oakmere has been famed for having a personable characteristic. Theyare so accommodating and helpful in making the purchase of a house. There'salso little to no trouble involved in their processes and they see everycustomer as their friend. Their personal approach in handling their customersis eminent in their area.


The staff of OakmereHomes can also travel that extra mile just to make sure you move safely to yournew home. Most of their houses include a modern bathroom and fitted kitchen.Each of their houses also has an excellent standard of finish both inside andoutside.


The company promisesthat as soon as you moved in, you will feel just like home.



Are you ready to unlock your potential in a newcareer with Oakmere Homes?


As a growing company we're on the lookout forambitious and talented people to join our leading team. New roles will beposted here when we advertise.


SiteManagers and Tradesmen


We're also always on the lookout for highquality Site Managers and Tradesmen in the areas we operate. If you would liketo register your interest, please email us at careers@oakmerehomes.co.uk



We can make movingeasier with a range of incentives


Help to Buy is a Governmentinitiative to help buyers who have a deposit of at least 5% to buy a new homeup to the value of £600,000. The Government will lend you a low cost loan forup to 20% of the property value for 25 years (interest free for the first 5years), so you will only need to secure a 75% mortgage. This initiative isavailable to help all homebuyers, not just first time buyers, to own their ownnew build home in England


Weare registered to provide this product to all our home-buyers*. We can even getyou in touch with local advisors to help you find a mortgage.


Formore information please download our Help To Buy leaflet or visit:-


Help to Buy - BuyersGuide


Help to buy FAQs


Online Application


Part Exchange Scheme


OurPart Exchange Scheme takes away the stress of selling your home and allows youto purchase your new Oakmere home without the worries of being caught up in a chain.Essentially our part exchange scheme means we will act as cash buyers for yourhome.


Theprocess is simple!


Firstly,details of your property will be taken by your New Homes Sales Advisor, if wefeel your home fits our criteria for part exchange we will then arrange twovaluations. Following the valuations we will then make you an offer. Once wehave agreed on a price you can then proceed with reserving your new Oakmere home.


Secondly,we'll appoint an Estate Agent to market and sell your home. This relieves youof any agent's fees and selling worries, all we ask is that you allow viewingsto take place for potential buyers at agreed convenient times. Your salesadvisor will keep you updated on any developments.


Yourfinal step is then to sit back and relax in your own home until your newOakmere home is ready for you to move into.


OurNew Homes Sales Advisors are experienced with the 'Part Exchange Process' andwill be able to assess if it's the right option for you.


Formore information please download our Part Exchange leaflet.


Sales Assistance


Ifwe’re unable to help on Part Exchange, we can help take the hassle out ofselling your home.


Wecan use our network of estate agents to value your property and market it forthe best price. You don't have to worry about it. We'll even pay the estateagent fees for you, so there's no cost to you.


Formore information please download our Assisted Sales leaflet.


Refer a Friend andReceive £500*


Ifyou're already a Oakmere home owner, and you introduce a friend who thenpurchases a new Oakmere home, we will give you £500* when they legallycomplete.


Simplytell your friend to register your recommendation with the Sales Advisor whenthey first visit site and we will do the rest. Its that easy!


*Paymentwill be made only once your friend legally completes on a brand new home fromus. Only one refer a friend voucher per home.


To find out how we canhelp you move into your new dream home call 01539 263 590



Welcome to our pre-lovedhomes section, a list of all the properties we haveon our books from part exchange deals. All properties are priced to sell and weinvite you to have a look and let us know if you see anything that interestsyou.




Help toBuy


A Government initiative to help people buy anew home with as little as 5% deposit. The Government will supply a low costloan for up to 20% of the property value for 25 years (interest free for thefirst 5 years). We are registered to provide this product to all our home-buyers*.We can even get you in touch with local advisors to help you find a mortgage.




This easy process takes away the stress ofselling your own home and you'll have no estate agents fees to pay, no chainand no headache of selling. We'll buy your old home so you can move into yourbrand new Oakmere® home. It really is as easyas that. We'll arrange two valuations of your current home and you'll get agenuine, market value offer from us. With our help you could save money andmove as quickly as within 4-6 weeks.




The teamat Oakmere were so accommodating and so helpful in progressing the purchase ofthe bungalow. They treated me like an individual with a very personal approach,rather than just another customer - nothing was too much trouble. I had alreadysold my own home and they really went the extra mile to get me moved into thebungalow. I love the modern bathroom and fitted kitchen, and the bungalow offersa very good standard of finish both inside and outside - it has real kerbappeal, right down to the block-paved drive. As soon as I moved in - it justfelt like home.” - Janette Borodin