sunny November brunch

Hi sweeties, I’m currently at the office. Wish I was brunching at Wulff & Konstali in Hellerup though... My boyfriend and I went there yesterday and were able to sit outside! It was so warm and nice in the sun. I’m wearing Burberry sunnies and Dior pearl earrings. Anyway, today I plan on leaving the office rather early to work from home and run a few work-related errands... I’ll also start week 35 of my home workouts. I’m so proud that I’ve been working out 45 minutes five times a week (big shoutout and thanks to Pamela Reif for keeping me fit and motivated). I’ve even cancelled my gym membership that I’ve had for years. To be honest, I’m seeing more results and saving so much time working out from home. Highly recommend checking out her schedules and workout videos.

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