sunday smoothie bowl & croissants

Good morning! We slept in a bit today before getting up and baking Løgismose croissants and making a mango and cantaloupe melon smoothie bowl, so yum! I can never finish mine though. I also decided to set the table with my new The White Company tea set. Love the glass tea pot and cups, so nice! I think they're still on sale at TWC's website? I've also started drinking a ginger shot from Frankly every morning. It's so good and I've already gotten so used to the spiciness, it's almost just feels refreshing now. We also had some passionfruit nectar, which is my favourite juice. I don't really have any particular plans today. I have work tomorrow (and the rest of the week of course including a couple of meetings) as well as a dentist visit. Tomorrow after work, I'm going to get some fresh flowers. Fave activity!

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