self-portrait black azaelea midi dress

Guess what just arrived when I finished work today - my Harrods delivery! I placed it two days ago, so I was pretty surprised that it arrived this fast. Anyway, Harrods currently have a 50% sale, so when I saw this I just had to get it. I've been admiring the Azaelea dresses for many years and I thought the black one is absolutely gorgeous and pretty versatile too. It's so nice for both winter and summer. I actually think I'll wear it to a Michelin restaurant date next weekend. Do you recognise the heels in the picture? I have the Aquazurra "Wild Thing" heels in red. Unfortunately, I can't wear heels at the moment, so I'll probably have to dress it down with a pair of boots. Hoping it'll look cool even though I would have wanted to try out my new Lurum heels (dream heels, still can't believe I own a pair!). I also treated myself to the Luxury Palette of Pops in Pillowtalk by Charlotte Tilbury. I highly recommend checking out Harrods sale. They have so many nice beauty, fashion and home items. Such a good place to get a more luxurious Christmas present for your loved ones.