mes restaurant

I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of my favourite dish! Clumsy much! Now I'm a little annoyed with myself and I have a headache... Anyway, this is the food we had a Mes a couple of days ago and it was so incredibly good and inexpensive! First, we had four snacks (the two pictures above) which was some kind of fried shrimp crisp that really tasted like the sea in a nice way, beer fried shiitake mushrooms, deep fried dough with pea and some kind of dumpling with smoked cheese. All of them were great and I even liked the one with smoked cheese even though smokey things aren't exactly my favourite. The first starter consisted of: cucumber, scallop and dill. The second starter was peas, asparagus and ponzu. Then the third dish was egg yolk boiled for 2,5 hours, Jerusalem artichoke and spelt. The real starter and most amazing dish I've had in a while was the wild boar cheek with potatoes and leek. It was so good and brisket-y in texture. It literally just fell apart on the plate when you touched it. Our dessert consisted of strawberry foam and sorbet, spruce shoots and white chocolate. It was fantastic as well! My least favourite dish was the spelt one but that was good too. I'm going to try and go to the gym now and do leg day. Then I'm planning on studying the rest of the day and taking some beauty pictures for the blog. Stay tuned!

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