inspiration # 66

So Valentine's Day is coming up! And I wanted to make a little inspo post on what to get your girlfriend... Here are a few things I think would be really nice (to get). Above is a necklace from Carré with a pink topaz that is super gorgeous and very cute for the occasion. Tiffany's make some stunning keys as well that I really love but they might be a bit expensive for a regular Valentine's Day present... Then there are always classics such as chocolate and roses. Particularly chocolate from fancier brand (not something you'd get in the supermarket) such as Ladurée (or macaroons?), Valrhona, Summerbird etc. And rose boxes are a pretty big trend right now and I find them really gorgeous and quite practical. I've seen many over-the-top fabulous rose boxes on Instagram but all the brands tend to be based in California and Dubai... But a brand called "J&G Roser" opened a while ago in Copenhagen and their rose boxes look really beautiful and simple on Instagram. And the Dior earrings are just super gorgeous as well, I really love them.