inspiration # 110

Hey sweeties, I’m currently at the office. I’ve had a pretty rough day due to personal reasons, maybe I’ll write more about it at a later point. Anyway, I’ll be at work most of the day so I thought I’d share some inspo with you guys. I really like the outfits posted above: cream, white, beige and light grey colours mixed make such sophisticated November outfits. As well as the classic all black look. Looking forward to buying flowers tomorrow. The photo above also really made me want to dig my pearl jewellery out and use them on weekdays. And last but not least, how lovely does the bath tub setting look as a date? Wouldn’t mind taking a bubble bath outside in the cold air and with a gorgeous view of the nature. Such goals.




Love this outfit! Hope all is well ♡

Yeah they are all so pretty! 😊 Thank you! 💕
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