dress by malene birger

This is a really cute dress I tried in Zarko P the other day. Totally safari in a trendy way, I really like that style but I haven't got very much of that kind of clothes. I also really like the necklace (bought one that looks a bit like it, I will show you some new-ins later this week), it just adds up to the safari trend. I just wore the shoes because my pink docs didn't really work with the other clothes... But these are pretty and on sale right now, think they cost like 200 DKK. I also wear a freshwater pearl bracelet. See post below.
P.S. Today I am going to have dinner at school because 9th grade is over. So I'll try to dress fancy and pictures will come later! Tomorrow school ends so I have to dress up again. I'll see when I have the time to show you the outifts!