din din at isao

And I’m back! I was really tired when we landed in Bangkok this morning (with a couple of hours delay) because I didn’t really sleep much. Then we went to my sisters’ place and slept for four hours straight before showering. That always makes me feel a bit better and a lot fresher. Long flights just make me feel so greasy! Then we went to fix SIM cards (very and utterly important) before having burgers at D’ARK and strolling about in EmQuartier. Feels so good to be back. After grocery shopping in my favourite shop; Gourmet Market, we went back and relaxed. This evening we had dinner at my favourite sushi place Isao (if you’ve followed me for a long time, you probably know I’ve talked about it many times...). We had my favourite makis: Rainbow and Jackie plus some edamame beans, miso soup and hot green tea. Love their vibe, interior and the fairly priced high quality sushi! Then we went to Thong Lo to watch the World Cup finals. I low-key cheered for Croatia but France played well too. So congrats to France! Now, I’ll put my sleepy head on my pillow and sleep. I’m excited about having my favourite fruits for breakfast tomorrow and going shopping! Night!