Gentlemen, today grab a coffee and watch this post  because I am gonna show you the correct way to wear all black clothes and rock the day with your style !

The all black style is very unique and makes a person look not only handsome but also sleek and sophisticated .


The most important thing when you wanna nail all black style is wearing quality clothes because you don't want your clothes to fade and look grey.

When you wear quality black clothes it not only feels comfortable but also looks very attractive !

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The reason why many people aren't able to pull off this style because they wear on wrong occasion , you can't wear black clothing in summer noon on the streets because you will look foolish and you will sweat as hell !

The all black style enhances a person's personality so you need to wear it on a date or an evening party when sun is low in summers and on winters you can wear on almost all occasions like on morning trip,lunch etc.


To pull off all black style accessorising is key to success.

To change the game you need to accessorise well , that means you need to wear watches , sunglasses or rings but to nail that look wear darker shades , dark straps because you don't wanna ruin the look bye wearing some cheap and light colour watch or sunglasses.

You can go for black and gold rolex watch or a simple black strap watch and grab a sunglass then boom ! you just rocked your all black style !

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When you wanna wear all black style key role is played by textures and fabrics after quality that means you should not settle for one black look , try to do something new that will make you look unique and it will also expand your knowledge .

The best example is when its winter try to wear a woolen sleek sweater and on that go for long jacket with different texture or go for washed biker jeans than going for plain one .
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You can also some basic stuff but look unique like a simple shirt that suits you will nail your all black look and a bit contrast by white shoes.

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The secret 

The all black style has always been my favorite one because (a) you look sleek (b) its just dope !
Secret of rocking all black style is confidence + never settling mindset .

Yes, guys you need to look out what's best for you then try it out , my concept is to create look which not only comfortable but attractive too !

When you look good your confidence automatically builds up and you easily attract people with your style.

The never settling mind , the thirst for more class, style will give you success so , remember this points and I bet you are gonna nail this style !
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Hello awesome people !  
The bad hair days are over because I am gonna show you the  game changer so that you can have super  sexy  hairstyle that you always dreamt of !
  • Gentlemen , the game changer is by company called BLUMAAN and the weapons are THE ORIGINAL STYLING MERAKI and  THE FIFTH SAMPLE MASK POMADE !(review of this in upcoming post )
  • Seriously guys the products are just lit af let me show you their best advantages of products according to me and what I felt after using it. 

The first look

                                         shot by jay bhinde                  
shot by jay bhinde
  • Guys , Check that loook ! the animal theme looks just funky and unique.Also they have now the sort of tag line which sounds pretty amazing "Stay true to what makes you different ".The jar is not any common one as it has nice quality material with attractive look  .It comes with a  box as you can see also a small letter and that is cool idea and feels special also.

Fragrance and Details

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  • Well, the reason  why I included fragrance as subheading it's because it really matters as some products out there have worst smell .Guys this Meraki  has fragrance  like a mint , it feels fresh and spreads the freshness when you apply it.
  • The wax has white colour and is not too hard like some other waxes and due to this it spreads easily into your hairs than sticking at one place.

The First Use

  • The light weight formula provides awesome abilities to control your hairs while having volume.
  • When you open the jar the fragrance you smell will make your day .The application of meraki is very smooth and satisfying and it has a strong hold that lasts long time also the texture you get is perfect example of perfection.



  • When I  was done with my hairstyle as I  used Meraki as pre - styler and pro - styler too, the hold with texture lasts around a day and it depends upon your usage and various other factors also.The best thing i noticed is it has a heat protection also so i wasn't worried about blow drying my hairs.


  • The best thing about the company is that they use hair friendly ingredients that promote hair goodness and also has inbuilt heat protection so that you can rock your hairs with the volumed hairstyle by blow drying it.
  • They also donate their 5%  raw material costs to protect endangered animals and their habitats and that's best thing any person can do !
  • Its worth buying because it has premium look , long lasting hold, heat protection , awesome fragrance , easy to apply and its best budget product !
  • Still if you aren't satisfied after using it then they also give money back so guys you cant miss this offer to rock you hairs check it out !


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    • Hey guys , today i am going to share with you men's essential sneakers or shoes collection according to me and stay connected with me by following my blog and share if you loved it, so lets start !

    casual shoes

    • The most basic shoes are casuals and they are the most versatile ones ,you can wear them on almost any outfit also they are comfortable then most of  other shoes 
    • I have chosen my best one and i think it would be your best too,they are the adidas superstar !
                                        adidas superstar                shot by jay bhinde.

    • This shoes will rock on basic styles as well as spring outfits also and best thing about this ones is build quality and price range.

    premium sneakers

    • A premium sneaker is what you need to add to your collection and your outfit too.
    • When you're going on a date you can't wear a basic sneaker because you need to look attractive and classy also , the best think about premium sneakers is they are made with extreme care and with best material as well.
                                                adidas neo 2             shot by jay bhinde
    • Yes, i have chosen adidas neo 2 premium black and as you can see they are just dope and would make your outfit look more attractive , you can wear them on all black clothes as well as  on some nice shirts with rugged jeans and they will never disappoint you !

    formal shoes

    • The most important shoes for any man in the world is formal shoes and they will change the game !
    • Seriously guys there must be a formal shoes in your collection and its necessary to wear them on formal clothes.
    black formal shoes
    • As you see this shoes are pretty basic formals yet shiny and classy.
    • They will make your outfit just classy !

    sports sneakers

    • Every person should stay fit and should adapt fitness into his lifestyle.
    • The sports sneakers are the best option when it comes to budget shoes , you should grab a white adidas ultraboost or nike presto.
    • They are best examples for sports shoes not only for gym usage but we can also use them on almost all basic outfits as well.
    • The best thing about them is that they are super comfortable and looks light and stylish too.
                                               air presto                   shot by jay bhinde


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      • Hey guys, today's blog is the best for menswear essentials we will go through the basic and necessary men's clothing which i think a guy should have in their wradrobe !


      • The white shoes is the most versatile shoes you can wear on any outfit it looks awesome and attractive . A pair of white shoes is now in trend you can wear them in gym , streetstyle ,basicstyle etc.The best example for white shoes is adidas ultraboost and superstar as well and is best for spring time.


      • A floral tee or shirt will add a uniqueness to your wardrobe as well as a style. you can wear floral shirt or tee on any casual as well as special occasion. it is also necessary to try something new . according to me floral print looks just dope and best option is to wear a tee on beach something light and comfy but stylish as well. spring time is all about flower and light and to match to nature floral print is the best than any other men's clothing.


      • Yes guys a black jeans is most essential when it comes to men's wardrobe and black jeans is most versatile jeans you can wear on any colour of shirt or tee. according to me black jeans not only adds class but also enhances the whole look of a person and if you are a fat kind of person then black color creates an illusion of thin look also.


      • The denim shorts or printed are the most trendy and stylish ones of all time. Spring season is the best for shorts . a floral tee or shirt on a denim short looks fab and comfy too. shorts are essential because you can't wear jeans every time also as mentioned before change is necessary also experimenting will you the new outfits.

      spring accessories

      • My men's essential spring accessories includes manbag,sunglasses and watches with summer strap . manbag is the best for carrying wallets,sunglasses and various other stuff too,

      • Thank you guys ,drop a comment down below and share too.




      • Yess, ACCESSORIES are like wild card . When you're bored with same Clothes and looks then the wild card enters "Accessories" they enhance your whole outfit thus your personality. Accessories are those who add attraction to something or additional support to your outfit. It can be anything like sunglasses , watches, rings etc. The main motive of accessories is to make your personality better than normal ones.


      • The sunglasses are the most important when it comes to accessories, They  have two main motive first one EVERYONE knows "eye protection"  and second one EVERYONE likes "looks great"Sunglasses are necessary when you're on a casual day wear a basic wayfarer or club master it looks nice and also attractive ,another thing is when you wear sunglasses you need to find a fit for you as per your face type, here  is a quick guide ⏬⏬


      • The Watches have always been a basic and most used accessories after ring . Watches are best for enhancing the look as well as they show " time"  . Now you need to select watch as per your outfit let's say you're wearing a casual outfit then grab a normal silicone strap watch or a leather strap watch and if you're wearing formals then always wear formal watches that are steel strap or pure class leather strap.                                                           

      A Quick Watch Guide
      • Rings are most used accessories of all time.They are pretty small bit act as a dapper to your overall look in this fashion world you're gonna find some dope rings as well as some old schools
      • Some types of rings ⏬⏬

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      Your first impression is your last impression❤
      You might have heard this quote but have you ever implemented ?
      To  look awesome and impress others it's is necessary to look good because  when someone looks at you then first thing is seen is clothes.

      My basic style concept includes a simple  outfit  but it's awesome and you can wear them at any casual occasion so, my first outfit includes a simple black t-shirt it can be round neck or polo neck and a black denim will look great as it is  all black style it will look attractive and simple.

       Grab a pair of sneakers go for white sneakers if you want to create a contrast or you can maintain black theme by basic black sneakers, to enhance your outfit use accessories like cap , sunglasses, rings , bracelets, by  enhancing your outfit your first look will be awesome.