About me

Today is Monday, the beginning of a new week or for me who has worked all weekend, it feels like the end of the week. This is now the second weekend of what feels like a very busy month, and is nowhere near calming down yet either. This week is Press week in Stockholm, which is extremely exciting as it is my first. I moved here last year just as it was coming to an end, and I saw my darling friends ​Olivia and ​Megan, have a blast. I am super excited to meet different PR companies and have the opportunity to introduce myself.

Due to an unfortunate weekend last week of missing a flight and booking too late, it became a very very expensive trip, so I have picked up as many shifts as I can at work to be able to save myself before Christmas comes. But that means little time to be able to just sit down and think, or relax. I have a whirlwind of thoughts flying around in my head but seem unable to catch them to be able to organise and calm myself. But as I was looking through my phone today, looking at all the pictures I have stored for the last year, it shocks me to see how much has changes, and 1000% for the better. This time last year, I would never have been able to go to Press week, I wouldn’t have even known what it was and had that missing in my life. I also have much more passion when it comes to fashion, beauty and of course sustainability. I have made many changes at home that makes all the difference and makes me feel like I am making a difference. But most importantly is the people I have met, my friends that are by me no matter what, and me by them. I absolutely love my girls and feel so happy and privileged to have met so many different people.

I have had some rough times recently, where my emotions have been running wild and I have not had the energy to do very much. But during this busy time, where I have forced myself to get up earlier in the mornings and go out longer in the evenings, I have realised how lucky I am to be where I am right now and how excited I am for the future. I have a re-found energy that I will be using for myself. It is more than okay to feel down, to hide in your blankets and shield yourself from the world, but remember that it is good to lean on people when you are struggling to stand straight, because your friends and family love you and will always support you. You are never alone in this world or in your mind, and when you are ready, jump up and do what makes you happy because that is the best and only way to live your life!

I always thought that during my travels I had really found who I am, but now I realise that I still have no idea what I am going to do next, things are changing more and more and this is really the most important learning stage of my life. Make sure you say yes to lots of things as you may be surprised by what you learn you are capable of or what you actually enjoy! Look out sustainable, marketing, PR, influencing world, I am coming for you!

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