Press Week is here and I have been meeting many different PR agencies to learn about all the exciting companies out here who are making a difference for our world when it comes to the materials or production. Day 1 was yesterday, it started with a Lunch at Mildh press which was super delicious and fun! I had spent the morning getting ready with @emelieolssons at her place, you should see her closet! She is the goddess of Second hand and Vintage; my whole outfit was thanks to her and her amazing eye at Second hand stores. I always had second thoughts about what is would be like to shop in second hand and whether I would every find anything, but this girl has proved to me that not only can you buy awesome stuff, but you get to save money too!

Next, we went to Spalt PR where I actually had the honour of meeting them last week and had a great chance to get to know them and the companies they work with (You’ll be hearing more about it soon!) It is so much fun walking around different showrooms and seeing all the beautiful clothing and new beauty products that will come coming to stores soon. Plus, in Sweden the buildings are so beautiful that each company has the most amazing rooms and architecture.

Finally, we headed to Red and Square which has a lot of different outfits that us girls had seen at fashion week, it is odd seeing clothing that you saw showcasing itself on the runway right in front of you.

It was a wonderful and I got to spend lots of time talking to so many interesting and different people. I am very excited for the future, with the more people I meet and information I learn, I realise there is so much more around sustainability that I can share and explore.

I hope you like all the pictures from yesterday, I will update with today’s Press week tomorrow when I have another chance to sit down and update my brain with everything I have seen and learnt. I hope you are all having a great midweek, and I would love to hear what you think about my second-hand outfits!

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