During the winter months I wear a woolly hat pretty much all the time, for obvious reasons when its -5 outside every day it stops my brain freezing and allows me to just about survive these cold months. Sadly, however it gives me really bad hat hair that is frizzy yet completely flat bad hair day look that makes you wish for the sun to come out just a little. To get away with this I wear my hair up a lot, I just keep to the low bun scrapped back look because its manageable and stops people noticing the bad hair. However, thanks to Spalt and Kevin Murphy I may have found my way of managing it!

I started using the ‘young again wash’ and ‘repair me rinse’ when washing my hair to help restore my poor hat hair that has been battling snow and winds and then the ‘bedroom hair’ hairspray to give back that extra oomph that I have lost.

It has been a lifesaver, it smells so so good and has helped me to through the winter blues because when you have good hair everything doesn’t seem as bad, I just walk around flicking my hair and feeling fierce.

The shampoo (Link here) has Amino Acids to restore your hair and then lotus flower and orchid extracts to give you the shine back, it is all natural so full of vitamins that helps you during these horrible climate conditions.

The conditioner (Link here) is a reconstructing conditioner with Shea butter and Aloe Vera that helps to prevent damage and also boost that shine. It also has Acai in it which I think it super interesting as it is vitamin A, C and E rich which really binds to your hair and helps keep it strong.

And then the hair spray (Link here) which is made up from Sunflower seed, Ginger root and Vegetable Glycerin to helps hold waves or curls and gives you that ‘day after’ hair look without holding everything really stiff and making it feel hard. I love using this the day after I have curled or plated my hair to keep the shape a little longer but not make it feel all horrible, it also smells super good which is a nice change from the normal hairspray smell.

Having good hair is such a good feeling but it can also be a hassle if you constantly have to maintain and use various different products, this is why I love these three together because it gives my hair that looked after look without having to put all the time and effort in when I am busy with work or school. But, now onto my favourite part of this company and that’s the sustainable side to it!

The most obvious part is that it is natural, when reading their information about the products and their relationship with the environment I can see that a lot of thought and consideration has gone into creating a product that not only helps us but also helps the planet. I love one of their statements which is ’We all depend on our planet’s environment that is a universal truth that applies to every living being no matter where you live and no matter what nationality you are.’ Kevin Murphy himself pointed out that ‘it wasn’t until I created my line of products that I became aware of just how much harm the production processes of any product had on the environment.’ So to change that they now make sure their packaging is recyclable or biodegradable and use natural ingredients that are sourced sustainably and from renewable well harvested products to reduce any harm on the environment. But that is not all, they also work with ‘Green Circle Salons’ which is a company that helps Salons and Spas reduce the waste that goes into landfills and waterways, together they do what they can to educate and share methods of how to be more sustainable and healthy plus make a profit whilst doing so and help companies to reduce their carbon footprint by offering ‘Green Salon’ which is a virtual salon that demonstrates different sustainable initiatives to salons and individuals. And finally, it’s all Cruelty free!

These are a lot of different things that one company is doing to make a difference for the environment and world around us, they are teaching good things and really doing their best! I have started to see their name around in different places and so I really hope that with the more they grow the more they will share their positivity and greenness! Only one thing I really wonder is why not advertise all of this on the bottle? Do you ever look at products and put it down because the one next to it specifies its more sustainable or natural, because I do and I have a feeling that people will start to do that more and more and why not, just mention you are a natural company or more sustainable because you will get my respect and money a lot quicker that way and hopefully yours too!

I hope you like the products, I am a huge fan of the packaging too as it is stylish and different. I like making everything look pretty in my apartment so having aesthetically pleasing packaging goes a long way; plus, different shaped bottles add a lot! I have added the different products along the way but also have linked the sustainable page here for you to read more if you wish!

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When I was younger I would never wear a T-shirt with writing on it, I loved flowers or patterns but for some reason I just didn't like wearing something that had anything that would draw too much attention to me or be weird script but as I have grown up I have realised the power we can have to simply wear something on our shirt. Everyone who sees you that day, everyone who things oh thats a cute outfit and reads the t-shirt on social media will see the message you are trying to spread and that is a powerful thing. Fashion should be used to represent the person you are, to wear what makes you stand straight and feel strong and of course look good! This T-shirt is from #engelbertstockholm which is a jewellery company in Stockholm that sell traditional, exclusive jewellery firm which has been run with care and passion by the Engelbert family for generations since Heribert Engelbert first opened his studio in 1920. They had an event where they gave out these sustainable, fair trade and organic cotton T-shirt with the wonderful line 'Only elephants should wear ivory'!

It terrifies me that people still to this day with artificial ivory still want to go out and kill elephants just for their tusks. If people really like the design and look of ivory there are other options out there, for example Vegetable Ivory, it is the natural alternative to Elephant Ivory from a seed produced naturally by the“PhytelephasMacrocarpa” palm tree, it is harvested from the ground and takes a year of drying to be hard enough to use. It is a wonderful way to use something that already has fallen to the ground and then is harvested, is easy to regrow lots and lots of trees and of course does not take the life of other animals.

Whatever possesses people to kill such a beautiful animal for a small bit of bone to wear around their necks in this day and age completely confuses me. I hope that by wearing this t-shirt and standing proud in it will make people think yeah that is right and follow my lead. We live in an age where we can almost remake everything artificially or have natural (non-animal) alternatives. Completely different to jewellery but I recently ate ‘pulled vegetables’ it looks just like pulled pork but is made out of green jack fruit, it is a weird thing to look at as I was convinced it was meat but tasted pretty good in a wrap and was of course a green alternative to meat!

I hope you like this T-shirt and when you buy things you think about the journey the object has taken, where it started and what effect it can have on the planet. I love knowing that my money goes somewhere good and of course it can still look or feel just as good like this T-shirt! What is your favourite statement t-shirt?




What do you do when you ruin a piece of clothing or you get bored of how it looks; throw them away, or use them as dirty clothes or shake things up? My favourite thing to do is to redesign it, get the needles and scissors out and start recreating. Here is a T-shirt that is going to be recycled very soon as the fabric is slowly falling apart and I may have accidentally washed it with a pink sports bra so its badly discoloured however before that happens I wanted to try my hand at some more stitching to see if I can sass it up a little and make it pretty.

The first thing I learnt is that stitching words is very very difficult, I have not got the smallest and most steady hands but wow its hard to make it look like writing instead of random lines. Incase you can't read it, it says 'Sustainability is fashionable' and with the little flowers, regardless of it being a little hard to read, I am actually please with how it turned out! The pictures below are of a pair of jeans that I restitched after I made a hole in the side, I think it is a cute way to save a item of clothing and make it look new!

I have seen so many beautiful different stitching designs on things like bags and shoes which are beautiful and I really think add something extra to a item of clothing and whats better is you can do it yourself rather than buying new!

One of the best ways to be more sustainable is to reduce the waste we make, whether that is plastic or clothing we should all do our best to make a difference and stop throwing everything away. I always noticed that the bins get filled up so quickly, so I am glad that I have found another small way to reduce my waste. I would love to know what you think about my top and if you have any questions on how I do it! A quick tip is if you write something in pencil on tracing paper and then cover it in PVA glue, stick it to fabric and wait for it to dry then when you peel it off it will leave a stencil imprint which is a lot easier then trying to do a design from memory! I have a busy week of working this week but have some fun things to share with you too, have a great start to the week!




One of the hardest things for people who want to wear ethical clothing is finding the best places to buy the clothes. I prefer going into a shop and trying on clothes, seeing how it feels in my hands and really being able to see the colour and fit properly but it isn’t that easy to find the correct types of shops. We have a few here in Stockholm but the prices are often a little higher or they aren’t talked about so you have the stumble across them. My favourite way to shop sustainably is of course second hand, that way you get a very good price and everything is reused so you are not adding to amount of new clothing bought every year.

I have been looking a lot online recently to find local stores that offer sustainable clothing, I don’t want to ship my clothes from afar to reduce the carbon footprint and I want to know they are legitimately good for the environment. A lot of the best stores are in places like Bali and Australia which make me very excited to go visit again one day and have a proper look at the stores but its also way too far to justify buying anything from Sweden and shipping it over. So where are the best places to shop, word of mouth is the most common way I learn about places like Residus, Remake or Knowledge Organic cotton which are Swedish companies that make great clothing that can make a difference, I like these companies but when they have one or two stores it is not always ideal. My main goal with sustainable fashion is to find the best and easiest ways to shop green, I have been finding different website that give a lot of information about companies and helping us to find new and exciting companies.

Recently I came across a new website that has helped me so much with finding companies and gives good background information about their clothes. It is called 'Gather and See' where you can read interesting articles, learn more about the companies they work with and also buy the clothing itself on the website. It is a website that I have only just started reading and learning about but hopefully I will be able to understand and learn more soon.

Another website and store that I love for beauty is 'Content’, it offers the best types of organic and natural beauty products, from makeup to hair products and helps us to find new ways to help our wellbeing and the environment. They also have a really beautiful Instagram and worked with Emma Watson for the tour of Beauty and the Beast to make sure all her beauty was sustainable.

Would you be interested in knowing more places that I find my information and different websites that I like, it makes finding sustainable things a little easier. I am going to do my favourite companies post soon so you can see the fashion items I love. The look below is one of my favourite sustainable looks, the top is from Emilia, which is a company that uses bamboo materials for their tops, Levis jeans which are making a big difference with how they produce their clothes and how much water they use in the doing so and a second hand scarf. Its comfy and I love it. I hope you like the pictures and I would love to know what you think about learning about more sustainable companies and websites?



Photography, Do it yourself

A recent discussion topic that has come up a lot between my friends and I is getting content for our social media. A lot of my friends work in the blogging/influencing/fashion world so you can be sure that we have our cameras out majority of the time to snap some pictures a lot of the time. It can actually become quite stressful when you realise on a Sunday evening that you have nothing to post because you spent most of the day in bed and need to fall back on older pictures but how can you change that? With in mind the #nouw30daychallenge and trying to blog every single day, I decided to make my own 5 top tips on how I make sure I have lots of photography content for my social media.

1. Don't care!

This is absolutely the most important one that I am only just getting over myself but really need to work on; forget about everyone else, you stand on that chair to get the perfect shot or strut your stuff down the street as your friends click away like paparazzi, don’t care about others, they are just jealous. I am honestly so grateful for being told and made to do this by my friends as now I make the most of every place I go and have lots of beautiful pictures. Its worth just stepping our of your comfort zone every now and then because you never know what type of images you’ll come out with.

2. Always have a camera on you. 

My photography teacher used to say the best camera is the one you have in your hand, and as cheesy as that might sound it is the truth. Today I went to the most beautiful cafe and stupidly didn’t bring my Canon but my iPhone is good enough to get the content I might need for the upcoming week. If you can I always say just bring your camera, if its in your hand then you are going to take pictures and you may never know, you might see some awesome things that can make up a few blog posts or Instagram pictures.

3. Take pictures of everything and keep them.

Now this seems a little obvious I know but you have no idea how many times I look back on my photo album on my phone and see pictures that I just took randomly and disregarded but now work perfect for my feed or a post. This is the best life saver when you’ve had a bad week of content creating and so reuse old ones.

4. Make a mood board. 

This is my favourite thing to do, see a picture on Instagram that you like, screen shot it and store it somewhere. I have an album on Pinterest where I store all the pictures I have seen on Facebook/Instagram/Magazines and can use as inspiration. I use this a lot when making flatlay or product images because I can have ideas but need that final selling point and you’d be surprised by how inspired you can become from others. This is also great when you go on holiday and want to have lots of pictures to last you through the gloomy winter months so you can keep your Instagram looking exciting, its just a great way to take lots of different pictures in the same spot.

5. Get creative and take lots. 

What may feel like a stupid idea at the time can end up being the perfect picture for something else. Take pictures from different angles, jump or spin to change the look of your clothing, focus on one thing in a picture and then something else in another. This way you have always covered every angle and know that at least one picture will be what you want. And finally going on from this is take hundreds of pictures, when I get someone to take pictures of me or do it back I take lots and just keep clicking away because you never know what will turn out looking the best but with 100 to choose from you are covering your bases. I always take a few, have a look at what works and doesn’t and then keeping going until I am satisfied. That may sound very annoying but I always think its worth it in the end.

These are my 5 tips that I try to do every day to make sure I have lots of content to share with you all. I love taking pictures so that helps me a lot but its always fun to have all the memories stored somewhere, even if you don't blog or have an Instagram it is a good thing to live by. When Adi and I finished travelling we realised we didn't take enough pictures together, we have a lot separately but not a lot with the two of us so that is something we try to change every time we do something nice or different together, and my grandparents love seeing them so its a win win.

I hope you like my tips and if you have any others I would love to hear about them, happy relaxing Sunday to you all!