It has been on and off snowing for the past couple of weeks now, the average temperature is around -3 but it has been getting as low as -10 which is not pleasant at all. Last week I took a risk and wore jeans that didn’t reach all the way to my ankles and although it was nice to not feel so wrapped up like I am majority of the time, it didn’t last long before I put some different trousers on and started layering up.

I cannot wait to not have to wear 5 layers, hat, scarf and gloves every time I leave the house and be able to let my hair free rather that having to tuck it away in my jacket. But here is a hat that I do love wearing, it is from a small local shop in a beach town called Porthleven, Cornwall. My mum bought it for me one family trip at least 5 years ago (I have family that live in Cornwall which is south of West England so visit as often as I can) and I have loved and cherished it since. They are by a woman called Claire Francis who handmakes all of her beautiful hat in her workshop in Porthleven and gives them an extra special twist with their different shapes and styles. I love my faux fur with the pixie twist hat that keeps my head warm and adds extra style to my winter attire.

Supporting local and small companies that create items that you will have for a very long time are the best way to know you are supporting people who are making a difference for the environment by having a lower carbon footprint with working in the country they sell and also you have a better knowledge of where the fabrics come from and how they are made just by asking the person yourself. I have linked the website here in case you want to purchase a unique and very warm winter hat.

I am wearing my very lovely Glitter jewellery that I am obsessed with, the earrings are just so different and have given me a new love for framing my face with different shapes. I also have my second-hand shirt and cardigan on. I need to go back to the second-hand stores here in Sweden, I want to add some colour into my wardrobe for the spring but I am one, saving money for my next holiday and two, don’t need to buy new clothes when there are so many great items available in the stores. I will go after the next payday and really explore different places around the city to see if I can find some hidden gems.

This weekend I have my Valentines surprise plan and lots of chores that I just haven’t had time to do this week, I am also looking forward to finally having a lay in tomorrow morning as it has been a long time since I haven’t had to set an alarm. I hope you like the look, do you have any favourite local stores that you love to shop at? I hope you all have a good Friday night and exciting weekend!

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At this moment in time it is interior design week here in Stockholm, sadly I haven’t had a lot of time to be able to go and see the other shows but I accompanied the wonderful Olivia Hagéus to an event by Layered after word today. They had the most amazing flower displays and beautiful paintings and wall papers but what really struck me was they within each of the different designs they also added antiques, it was a great show of how new and old can fit perfectly together to create something beautiful. This is a perfect example of how we can still include older items by just giving them a new lick of paint or refurbishing any damage to be able to reduce the amount of new things we produce and buy, plus very often it is cheaper and gives a lot more homely feel to things!

I have had a super busy day yesterday and today so have to now really quickly shower and eat something before I go to bed and then get up early for work tomorrow so I thought I would quickly share one way that I make me time during the week and that is during one of my side jobs that I absolutely love so much. I walk doggies for a couple of hours in the morning before I go to my main job as it is where I find my zen. Working with animals is literally where I am happiest, I can just sit and cuddle them, take them for walks and learn all about their loving and different characteristics whilst forgetting about the rest of the world. A few months ago I found that I felt like I wasn’t sure what I was accomplishing every day, I felt low and like I needed something extra in my weekly routine and for me that was to be needed by a furry friend, it’s just where I am relaxed and knowing that what I am doing is making another soul very happy by giving attention and love.

This is just a little Jasmin tip on how I deal with stress and emotions, it helps to find something at least on a weekly basis that makes you feel good, plus you deserve it! I have a lot to share with you this weekend which I am really looking forward to, but for now I am off to get ready for another busy day tomorrow! I hope you like the pictures of the event and I would love to know about your favourite item at home that you will keep forever!




I have another amazing meaningful T-shirt for you all and they are all about being Veggie! Sassyspud were the first company I came across that was not in America and made super cool jumpers and t-shirts which great messages on them. They are also PETA approved which is a great way to straight away be sure that they are trying to make a difference for our planet and have the certifications to prove it.

They have fun spin offs of Gucci or Chanel symbols but with fruit and the words ‘Guac’ instead of ‘Gucci’ I have only so far invested in one T-shirt which is this one here, but I absolutely want to try out some of the jumpers and other tops as they are hilarious, sharing a great lesson and have a good and green story behind them.

Picture by my wonderful friend Inez

Sassyspud make their clothing to give you the power to spread your views about veganism and also make it more fun and different at the same time. People are definitely a lot more likely to listen and remember stuff when it makes them smile then if its aggressive or negative. And as they put it so perfectly themselves ‘Sassyspud’s aim is to help save the planet, one laugh at a time.’

I love my T-shirt, it works perfectly with a pair of jeans or my pink corduroys and true to their word when people see it they smile or say they like my top and that leaves a positive impact on them.

Here is a link to their website in case you want to check them out yourself and if we all make differences and spread this kind of love together (whilst looking good at the same time) then we will be making the change that the world so desperately needs!

Giving up just eating beef will reduce the carbon footprint more than cars! I think just that one fact is so important for people to be aware of if we want to save our planet. So, I hope you like the T-shirt and I would love to know if you have any favourite companies that make cool clothes with important messages that is of course sustainable for me to see?




Today was one of those day that I start at 7am and finish tonight at 11pm, it’s a long day that does a good job at draining me and makes me look forward to a normal 9-5 job but as I was telling my mum on the phone all about it (calling to complain) she told me I need to make sure to take time out to just relax my brain and do some mindfulness. I am well aware of how good mindfulness is for you but I take very little time to actually partake in it, so today I watched a Ted talk that mum sent me and it was the most calming and inspiring 15 minutes of my day. I have linked the talk here as it is honestly something we should all listen to and it isn’t very long which makes it easy to just set aside a little time to listen whilst you do a chore or something.

It is called, ‘Want to change the world? Start by being brave enough to care’ by Cleo Wade and was basically about how if we want things to change in this world then we should start doing it ourselves. We don’t need to be appointed to be able to make a difference, just by helping those around us teaches others to help or picking up trash in our neighbourhood shares the idea of not littering, or even saying no to a plastic bag to be able to slowly but surely make that change.

I love this, I have had a lot of people who have asked why I think I can make a difference, or ask if I’m going to go into politics because otherwise what I do wont help but actually my small gestures show others what doing good can do and like a smile it is infectious, hopefully if one by one we all start to change then people will follow us and together we can make a difference.

Everyday I make a conscious effort to reduce my waste, I buy as much biodegradable as possible and try to always choose the non-plastic option. Simple things like this have now become second nature and I know have rubbed off on some of my family and friends. This is even why I write this blog, to share companies and tricks on how to make differences in our every day lives. My mind, soul and body thank me every day for the changes I have made and I hope that eventually we will see larger changes that I want to be a part of.

Today I had a little time in between a meeting and work so ventured around the city until I was too cold, I found a super cute vegetable and fruit shop in Urban Deli that sells only Organic and non-wrapped fresh produce, which is very exciting because I can now shop there knowing it comes from a good place.

I have also been café jumping to find the coolest cafes, I went to one that is more rustic called Mellqvist where my friend Inez introduced me to a very very delicious hot chocolate. Here is a picture in the café with one of the bags my Grandmother gave to me, I am thinking of doing a blog post with all the beautiful vintage bags she has given me over the past year as I have become the fashion-conscious grandchild, and inherited a lot of her bags and clothes that I love. Would that be something you would like to see?

I have a special surprise planned this weekend for Valentines day which I am really excited about and will be sharing more when people can’t ruin the surprise for Adi and I am working the rest of the days so I will be doing lots of tea drinking and more ted talks or mindfulness sessions to be able to make a busy day not seem so hectic. I hope you enjoy the ted talk and I would love to know if you want me to share more of those with you? I have only today started to get into them but they really get the creativity and positivity flowing! I hope you’ve had a good day and are brave enough to make that small difference every day in your life!



Fashion, Conservation

Neubau Eyewear!

Here are my new and beautiful sunglasses from Neubau that are of course sustainable and super cute. I wrote a post about them in the Autumn last year (here if you want to read it) where I was first introduced to the awesome company that make the most amazing glasses and make their difference for the world.

They are made of NaturalPX which is sustainable, organic and renewable, plus it makes the really light weight and give them that glow when the sun hits them. They have a great outlook on how to treat the environment and much more, as it says on their website 'Conscious consumption and forward-looking production are the focus, and it starts with the material of our frames, but also affects the material of our spectacle case, cleaning cloths, our POS material, as well as the support of social projects empowering nature in urban surroundings.' They do so much to make a difference and still offer a great quality product that is beautiful, comfortable and feels just as classy as any other.

But thats not all they do, they also support other companies that make the difference like façade greening in Vienna, cooperate with a bee conservancy in New York City, and helping companies with recycling their products rubbish to be able to reuse it in another way.

My cleaning cloth is even made from recycled plastic bottles so everything about this company makes me happy, proud and 100% with them. Neubau Eyewear is awesome and I hope you think so too, here is the link to the website and I hope you enjoy all my pictures, more of me wearing them will be here when I see some proper sunshine. I have had a day of work and getting myself ready for the week, but now I am going to make some yummy dinner and have a relaxing evening. I would love to know what you think of the sunglasses and have a great start to the week!