It has been snowing a lot these past few days, and with temperatures being around -6 it has been almost too cold to spend any time outside and the snow has been turning to slippery ice very quickly but finally there was a day of sunshine. It was absolutely beautiful, I went for a long walk around the local park close by to me and watched people walk across the lakes and dogs play in the snow. It was the perfect start to my week before I start working almost 13hr days this week.

Yesterday I had some time before I started work so decided to refold everything in my wardrobe, do you also find no matter how hard you try to keep things tidy it just starts unfolding and becomes bundled into random drawers very quickly. No, just me? Well it means I have to organise my wardrobe far too often. Anyway, I was deciding what I wanted to wear to go for my walk and then work but kept thinking about the fact that since I decided to only buy sustainable clothing, I have bought very little. This isn’t so much about the fact I can’t find it and more that I am trying to save as much money so it has been a huge help in some ways. I have stopped walking through random shops and impulse buying and instead looking at what I own and seeing what is in season and making better decisions on what items of clothing I want to buy.

I can’t wait for the every day shop like Zara or H&M to be more conscious so that I can have wider choices on where to buy my clothes but whilst I am trying to save, it is really a god send. For today’s blog I thought I would do my wish list for right now. All the beautiful sustainable items I have been looking at and saving my money for.


The handbag of my dreams that is not only stunning but also made from an incredible material is by Happy Genie. They are ethical bags made from apples, yes you read that right, APPLES! Tanja Schenker (CEO) wanted to make the perfect handbag which has beautiful prints that reflected the beauty of nature whilst also being Vegan and ethical. It turns out that apple waste can be made into a leather like material which incredible. You can also change the patterns on the main handbag by attaching the clutch which is literally the most genius design I have ever seen. This is definitely on the top of my wish list!


I have been dreaming about a pair of loafers in the colour pink for ages. I saw some super cute ones in Vagabonds as I was reading their new initiative to help the recycling of shoes and how their materials are all sustainable but I want vegan too. I realised too many of my bags and shoes have come from some sort of leather/suede produce and I don’t want to be a part of that anymore. I recently found the company Beyond skin, they are PETA approved vegan shoes and super super cute! As they say they want to bring style and quality to those who care and I really care!


I love jeans, they are my most warn item of clothing in my wardrobe. They are easy, fit with everything and comfortable so when I found Monkee Genes I was very excited because they have made the perfect comfy jeans that are made from 100% organic cotton and are fair trade. They have a real heart and loved looked to their page and so a pair of greys jeans (missing in my jeans colour spectrum) made it to the wish list.


A girl always needs pretty shirts (or blouse) to feel professional and sassy at the same time. I love putting on a shirt as I feel it is a simple but very effective piece of clothing. Amour Vert do the most beautiful shirts that really encompass that stylish and smart look but are completely sustainable too. They use non/toxic dyes, sustainable fabrics and have a zero-waste philosophy. Just the right kind of mix of things I want in my wardrobe, so onto the wish list it goes!


Okay maybe I am a little obsessed with pink but can we talk about how beautiful this dress is from Residus­? They make the most beautiful dresses out of leftover fabrics which they source from other fashion companies. This means that they reduce their water intake when producing their clothing and always try to source locally first. I love the idea, I love the clothing and I love that its on my wish list!

I hope you like my wishlist, there are of course a lot of other things that I am dreaming of and thinking about what I can pair it with but these are on the top of my list right now and I feel like everyone should have a chance to see their beauty! Which is your favourite? I would love to know which sustainable companies are your favs.

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I would like to introduce you to my very stylish Oma (Grandmother), as I have been growing older and getting more and more into fashion she has been the push showing me that you can wear what you like, match any colours and look sassy every day. As I got old enough and tall enough to borrow her clothes my mum and I would rummage around in her closet and find all the beautiful different items she has.

As time has gone by and I am old enough my Oma has started giving me some of her amazing clothing. So I decided that I wanted to do a look book of the 5 beautiful bags that she gave to me. Each looks just as new and amazing as they must have looked when she bought them in Germany during the 1970/80s, I have matched them with some outfits that I think they go well with and they are used every single day. I hope you enjoy the different pictures and I would love to know which is your favourite.

Saturday lunch time

Summer dreams

Buissness meetings

Classy nights

Red on Red on Red

I really hope you liked this look book, I had so much fun creating it and would love any feedback! I am glad I have such a stylish grandmother and glamorous mother, I can't wait to share these tips and tricks to my children one day. Here is a picture of my Oma and mum together to finish off this new way of sharing some of my favourite second hand outfits in my wardrobe!




Adi and I were meant to go to lunch after I finished work today, but we ended up just not enjoying the places we visited or it was too busy so we just headed to the shops bought different ingredients and made enchiladas at home instead. Its nice to be home on a Sunday evening so I can get things done, cook my meals and get myself ready for another very busy week.

Its been interesting working at 'normal' daytime job where I have more time in the evenings, I find that I make a lot more plans when that is the case because I feel like I have time to spare in my day but I don't get the weekends to rest so that is probably what makes it so much more tiring. All I keep thinking is about how much content I could get done if I had 2 free days every week with light included, I managed to get some outfit pictures even in the 3 hours of light I had free.

It has been snowing all day, a non stop not completely settling snow which would be nice if I wasn't craving the sun now. Today I have been wearing my favourite second hand jacket that was given to me from my mother, my second hand hat and then a cute turtle neck and tight skirt that were both gifts from different people. I am a big fan of this simple yet stylish outfit, its warm with a pair of tights (I also have an extra pair of long socks on top) and then the usual wrap up winter attire of hat, scarf and gloves.

What do you think of the outfit? I have been thinking more about how many pictures I want to share with you and if I want to add writing to every picture, but personally I like reading the text and then scrolling through the images so thats what I will be doing more of too.

I have been learning so much recently with blogging every day, it has allowed me to see what posts people read the most and what makes people react. I have had the chance to increase my reading count and work with my Instagram to create more content and create a more interesting and ascetically pleasing page. I would love to have your feedback on what you enjoy the most and any advise or ideas on what you would like to see more of.

These pictures were taken at Centralbadet in Stockholm, it is one of the larger spas in the city that has a cute little eco cafe in the back. It wasn't something for me as I wanted a larger meal but if I every want a smoothie and raw cake then this is the perfect please to go. With the Swedish colourful buildings that I am a big fan of, it was a great place to take pictures and find a nice small haven inside the middle of the city. I remember in Sydney I visited a small Chinese garden in the middle of the city called the friendship garden. It was a beautiful place where you felt like you had escaped to a new place, these are the times where I feel at peace and calm when I am surrounded by nature and feel like I have been transported to a new world.

I hope you like the pictures, I will hopefully have a lot more exciting content and a new idea that I am going to try create this week. I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and enjoy the pictures!



Fashion, Conservation

This week is a new week of different changes and new starts. I am starting an internship with Marketing/PR which is really exciting, I cant wait to have a better understanding of how marketing and PR work in a company and be able to learn valuable information that will aid me in my future. Its always great when you start new things and get a fresh outlook on what your future might hold.

A new things that has been spoken more about recently is the restoration of trees. New studies have been shown that regrowing and restoring large spaces with trees will not only increase water, improved quality of life for animals and increase the biodiversity but also help to improve the amount of emissions and potentially reduce a third of those bad emissions and thus keeping the global warming temperature under 2°C.

Here is a diagram I saw first on Instagram and then read more about HERE which writes really interesting articles and has great case studies to show the change that is going on and what more can be done. We are cutting down trees faster then we are replanting them so a change has to come. Governments are becoming more aware of it, but the private landowners also need to start making changes so together we can make a difference. One thing that often really annoys me is that a lot of people (most) don't do something unless they gain something in return, but what would be amazing is if we used that knowledge to our advantage and only spent our money on companies for example that plant a tree for every one they cut down, then these big money driven business people will have to make a change to keep their clients and customers. Its all about finding a way to make a difference that works for everyone but has the planet as number 1 importance. Trees are beautiful things and give us so much (like literally the oxygen we breath) so this is something really important, I want my children to grow up in a world where the beautiful jungles and forests are still full of life!

Slightly off topic from trees but something I must point out is that I was reading my Vogue during my break today and saw that what was trending is showing our socks! I don't want to say I told you so, but I told everyone that socks are cool and we shouldn't try to hide them! Don't worry I took a picture of the article and my socks whilst reading this to prove to you all that you can make anything fashionable, now I admit I don't think it was me who made socks the newest trend but hey, at least I was ahead of time!

Here is me wearing socks as usual pretty much all the time and I own a lot of difference types, colours and materials! Photo by the awesome Carl Simon.

So there have been a lot of changes and new things learnt and talked about this week and it is only Tuesday! I have a busy week of working my jobs and getting some more exciting content to share with you all! Now I have to get back to work, so I hope you all like the pictures, the sock trends and I would love to hear your views on restoring trees and what you think!




It has been on and off snowing for the past couple of weeks now, the average temperature is around -3 but it has been getting as low as -10 which is not pleasant at all. Last week I took a risk and wore jeans that didn’t reach all the way to my ankles and although it was nice to not feel so wrapped up like I am majority of the time, it didn’t last long before I put some different trousers on and started layering up.

I cannot wait to not have to wear 5 layers, hat, scarf and gloves every time I leave the house and be able to let my hair free rather that having to tuck it away in my jacket. But here is a hat that I do love wearing, it is from a small local shop in a beach town called Porthleven, Cornwall. My mum bought it for me one family trip at least 5 years ago (I have family that live in Cornwall which is south of West England so visit as often as I can) and I have loved and cherished it since. They are by a woman called Claire Francis who handmakes all of her beautiful hat in her workshop in Porthleven and gives them an extra special twist with their different shapes and styles. I love my faux fur with the pixie twist hat that keeps my head warm and adds extra style to my winter attire.

Supporting local and small companies that create items that you will have for a very long time are the best way to know you are supporting people who are making a difference for the environment by having a lower carbon footprint with working in the country they sell and also you have a better knowledge of where the fabrics come from and how they are made just by asking the person yourself. I have linked the website here in case you want to purchase a unique and very warm winter hat.

I am wearing my very lovely Glitter jewellery that I am obsessed with, the earrings are just so different and have given me a new love for framing my face with different shapes. I also have my second-hand shirt and cardigan on. I need to go back to the second-hand stores here in Sweden, I want to add some colour into my wardrobe for the spring but I am one, saving money for my next holiday and two, don’t need to buy new clothes when there are so many great items available in the stores. I will go after the next payday and really explore different places around the city to see if I can find some hidden gems.

This weekend I have my Valentines surprise plan and lots of chores that I just haven’t had time to do this week, I am also looking forward to finally having a lay in tomorrow morning as it has been a long time since I haven’t had to set an alarm. I hope you like the look, do you have any favourite local stores that you love to shop at? I hope you all have a good Friday night and exciting weekend!