I think a lot about love and what it really is. If it's a chemical reaction, an idea, a wish or something we convince ourselves of for the sake of it. The more I think about it, the more I think it must be energy more than anything. The way something makes us feel, the way it affects us, the energy it brings and the energy we feel towards it. Explaining this concept would be somewhat defeating its purpose. What I'm trying to get at is that love can be whatever you want. Love in itself, loving something, love for something,
love - we need more of that in the world.

I love so many things. I love songs, I love music, I love writing, I love reading. I love my family, my friends, animals. I love waking up, autumn, taking baths, candles. To me, love is laughing, it's happiness, it's company, the warmth of the sun, rain, the feeling of autumn, talking to people, listening, feeling and seeing new places... I really don't agree with people who say the word "love" is a serious word, and "you can't possibly love everything" is not true because I do, because in any way, loving is better than hating. You're allowed to love the shit out of everything in your life. People, ideas, dreams, thoughts, colours... Tangible things, books, your favourite sweater, trees. As long as something brings you happiness, or in any way affects you positively, why does it matter what it is? I really think love is about giving, and receiving, growing and learning. Love is great. Maybe not always easy, but there's beauty in trying, in changing, in fighting for something.

So go ahead and love whatever it is you love, whoever you love. This world is full of hatred, and war and ignorance. The only way to combat that is through
love. Love is whatever you want it to be. It's just an energy, and I encourage you to love anything and everything and everyone, as long as it doesn't hurt or degrade anyone. Love is a feeling, an energy. It doesn't have to make sense, and you don't need anyone's approval and you don't have to explain it to anyone. Love is love.


This weekend, amidst dark clouds and heavy rainfall, Helsingborg had a Pride festival. There was so much colour, confetti, music, glitter, dancing, soap bubbles, kisses, hugs, love. Everything that makes this world good and life worth living somehow found its way to a huge group of people that would probably be described as diverse and different, because nothing except love and the beauty of existance and the right to exist mattered. And that is in fact what matters more than anything.

In this world we like to think that differences are what seperate us, but I don't think that could be any more wrong. We are different only because of things and concepts we have come to understand, because that is what we're taught to focus on. It makes us forget that we are all here, breathing, living, loving on a really cool planet in a really weird universe. We forget that where fear, hatred, ignorance and closed minds tell us to keep to what we "know" (or think we know), to stay in our comfort zones, to remember what sets us apart - we can all just love each other. We have more in common than we are different. And in this Pride parade, human beings held hands, danced, kissed, hugged, sang and smiled, despite the recent steps back in politics, despite the fear of "different" which pushes us to become afraid of what we can't or don't want to understand, despite the ignorance and hate that sometimes seems to overpower everything. It made me remember that even in dark times, in tragic times, in times where things don't make sense, when things seem to be getting worse.. we have love. This feeling that unites all of us. We have laughter, and music, we have hands to hold and faces to kiss. We are never alone, even when the world wants us to feel like we are.

Suddenly, money, power, wealth, things, conformity and whatever else the world profits off, that which is so ingrown, deeprooted, encouraged and taught.. all of that is overpowered - if only
for a moment - by the pure beauty of existance, feeling and being able to love.

I know that when there is war, violence, hatred and ignorance, it can be easy to meet it with the same thing. But don't. Anger and hatred breeds anger and hatred. Fighting whatever with the same thing will only result in more of it. It's an evil cycle, where uneducated minds, feelings fueled by fear and ignorance met with agents of anger will only be fueled by it.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

This beautiful quote by Martin Luther King Jr. is the most simple way to look at it. In a world where we are divided by fear, hate, and ignorance - love, understanding and patience will unite us. Love, understanding and patience is the way to educate, change and heal the world. One simple kind word in the place of a hateful one,
one simple kind act in the place of a mean one, choosing love over hate, and kindness over evil, is how to slowly change the world. If you see something that is not okay, or hear something, stand up and speak up. One person can make a difference.

Don't back down. People are all the same at core, at heart. We are a product of our experiences and our environment, and sometimes that is for the worse. Meet everybody and everything with love,
if you can. It will change your life, and those whose lives you can touch.

Love is love, and you don't have to, and you shouldn't have to, explain what that is to you. Love has no limits; age, gender, sex, religion, skin colour, differences of any kind are irrelevant. It does not affect our ability to love, and it does not affect what we love. People like to tell us what we should and should not do, society likes to make people subjects of conformity. But you can break away from that. Let your existence be rebellion, and let love empower you and make your life worth living. Love the shit out of everyone and everything. Life is better that way.


I think a lot of our life we are taught that the world is in black or white. There is this or that, either or. Two sides of something, but nothing between. It makes it simpler, to understand, to label, to profit off of. But the world is not black or white, it's not either or. It's full of colour - the things we think of as either or, are just parts of the millions of things that exist inbetween those frames.

As humans, it is natural to want to know. We want to have answers, we want to understand, we want to know. And labels and words for things is what helps us do this. But sometimes we can't all understand everything. Things that
make sense to someone else, might not make sense to you. And the way to meet this is not by saying "no but I don't understand this so therefore it's not like that". The way to meet confusion is through education, and the willingness to see other perspectives. Acceptance and respect does not equal agreement and understanding. It simply means that through existing, differences we have do not have to be, and shouldn't be, dismissed because they are different from who we are, what we believe or what we are used to. You don't get to minimize someones existance because you don't understand what it's like to be them.

Words seem to be given meaning and defintion by association. That which we learn to relate things to (be that meaning or explanation) somehow becomes an unofficial and accepted truth. We label things, in an effort to define it. People put other people into categories and assign them labels for their own convenience and understanding, based off limited perception and innate understanding of certain things. And my whole life I've wondered, do we have to define everything, including ourselves?

Descriptions are different, they are general, they can change, they allow a certain growth and room for flexibility and change. But labels, about sexuality, gender, who we are, are so definite and so limiting. It puts us in invisible boxes that makes it hard to break out of. I understand the comfort in understanding who we are ourselves, and the confirmation that we can get from having such a vast range of "labels" to choose from. I just wish we didn't have to have them for the sake of explaining ourselves.

These labels, association of words and the limited explanation they provide are what cause the normative society we have. Categories, either or, to explain what we are. The way society works is difficult, but its structure and companies are
making profit off the norms put in place by it. From a young age, through advertisement, the education system, companies, some laws and social structures we are taught labels, we are taught ways to identify and ways to conform. This is so that we can be a target group for advertisement, for specific things that are divided by gender and other concepts.

This being said, society often looks past people not willing to label, categorize, or limit themselves. They are perceived as weird, and this baffles me because wanting to conform and be limited seems more weird to me. Regardless, our understanding of female/male and feminine/masculine is so narrowed, so declusive, so wrong. It's damaging
and limiting. Sex and gender are not synonymous. Things are not male or female, or feminine or masculine. That is simply a spectrum we place people on for our own convenience and because of old and innate ideas. People's identity is not up for discussion, nor does it have to be put into categories or boxes for society's profit or for other people's comfort. People just are. And they should be allowed to be whatever they are.

Labels are sort of a warning sign. "Hey this is who I am, so you know." Like explaining your existance, your being, yourself, to those around so that they will (try to) understand who you are. Being who we are is great, but the way we are expected to explain ourselves and limit our existance to labels, to me, has become more for the comfort of others rather than for ourselves individually. Labels are a way to explain yourself, to defend your existance, just so others will understand it (or fail to do so). And people's individual understanding and perception of labels (which are sometimes given to us without our consent) makes it so much harder for us to break out of labels and express everything we are.

I think a lot of labels are created by society to make other people feel comfortable and allow their perception of others to be in a way that they can understand. This because our innate need to know and define for our own knowledge overshadows the fact that people's existance does not have to make sense to anyone but themselves. Someone else's right to exist and how they choose to express that, is not and will never be up for discussipn. If someone isn't hurting anyone else's existence leave them alone. Let them be who they are.

I love the argument put forward by ignorant minds, that freedom of expression allows them to express their dislike/disapproval of who someone is or their rights, yet this same argument they are so fond of is the argument that allows the people they want to oppress to exist and express themselves freely. Freedom of expression means you are allowed to express your ideas and opinions, and who you are. It does not mean you cannot be held legally accountable for what you say, and it sure as hell does not give you the right to dehumanize or invalidate someone else's right to exist and be who they are.

Maybe this need for us to label things minimisez and limits our ability to express ourselves and define who we are. Since we're as humans always changing, learning and growing, do people's understanding of labels and the way we associate words with meanings based of perception and our personal experience, the need to label and the labels existing suffice to everybody's right to exist and how they choose to express themselves?

You don't have to explain or excuse your existance or identity to anyone. You are not your labels or peoples view or perception of you. You are you, as you are. You are how you treat others, how you express yourself and whatever you choose to be. Whatever you are, be a good one. And in the search for understanding who you are, do it for yourself. Be yourself unapologetically.

Evil is knowing better and doing worse. Educate yourselves, open your minds, be open to the idea of the unknown and growth and change. Everybody on this earth was born equally. We just treat them in ways we are taught through societal structures and conformity. Break it.

I read somewhere that likelihood of YOU being born is the same as if every person on the planet had a one-million sided dice, and rolled it at the same time and landed on the same number. That's pretty amazing. And that makes you special. You are allowed to be who you are, and change and grow throughout your life. You are your dreams and art and what you love, you are who you are as a person. Not what society views you as. You are great the way you are. Love yourself and love others.

Sending everyone a lot of love.

shoutout to my beautiful mom for walking with me during Pride, and to my beautiful friends. I love you so much.

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