If im writting this it means i survived being new at school of course ... if not id be all over google saying " Thirteen year old girl didnt survive being new at school " . Plus im an expert Id move from 3 schools so i have experience          

        Being Confident .

     When you are new at school you need to be confident . Walk with your head held high and dont slouch . If youre confident there is like ... 80% of chance to be popular making more friends and being well known in school .   But just remember not to be overly confident , you dont want to come across as rude or self absorbed .

     With out Partner .

     The most embarrissing . Why !? because you are new .  That means everyone  already made partners of two, they already made there own cliques with there friends when its rime to pick a partner . So wath are you suppost to do !? Nothing !! . Nope you are wrong . Tell the teacher . Yeah , I know it feels awkward having to tell the teacher that you have no partner .

        Lunch Time Chaos .
     The worst thing is to sit down at a lunch table by yourself while everyone is with there group while your lonely like a loser . Just saying not to be rude . so just talk to the girls/boys and ask them nicely , if you join them .

        Recess .

      Also a not to good experience cause you are lonely . The best thing to do is to , join any sport like ; soccer ; football  . Or any chat .

      So now you know what to do when you are new . Please read all my advice in , nouw.com/jan .

          Are you new in school ? If im writting this it means I survibed being new at school .
          How to make friends .
      To make friends at a new school just dont talk about your self , you should talk about something new or something that your new friends think

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          Do you feel like you are doing a bad job  with your child or kid !?  You came to the right place . I might not be a expert ... but i am a kid so that kind of makes me an expert  technically .

        Fighting .
    If two of your kids fight and while they are fighting they break a base or something breakable , dont blame one blame both of them . Why ? ... because if you only blame one for doing it . The other  will feel more loved then the other one . Thats Not right !!

         Being Fair .

      Be fair with your children . For example , if you are baking cookies and one of your kids offer you help and you say yes Great ! . But there is were you  the parents comit a mistake .  One of your other children offers you help and you say No ! bad decision . Never say yes to one and to the other one no . If you say no to the other one say The same to all/both of them . You say yes to one of them say yes to all / both of them



   Anorexic .

        The new face of anorexic are
teenagers . Anorexic is a mental sickness . It actually happens to girls / boys , during the age of 13 and 14 . But now this mental sickness is hitting younger children .

          Why does this happen ? .

    This happens for a certain reason the girls or boys look at the mirror and they feel uncomfortable with there body . They may be in good shape but kids with the mental sickness of  anorexic might see there self and say , " Wow im super fat i have to stop eating or else ill be fat as a whale ." Thats whats going on around the teens mind . The stupid idea to be skinny cause their are fat is ; bullying ; self unconfidence ; or  because of there friends .   

        How to know if your child is Anorexic .

  If your child doesnt eat all his or her food ;is getting more skinnier or always saying that he/she is fat hurry get help your child is suffering mental sickness called anorexic .

     How do they get really skinny.

Their is many ways they get skinny cause of anorexic  . One is to cause there vomit  with tooth brush or  finger or when they get the idea in their head the vomit will automaticlly happen when eating .  They may also cut there self in there stomach or legs and even on there arms . They may also stop eating or even hide there food . They may also get depressed and will eat with out thinking .... and then when they noticed that they are eating they will be disgust of  themselves and vomit .

     The consequences .

  The consequences are getting really really skinny and when i mean skinny it means bony skinny . They could even die . Theyget dizzy , or even confused and other alterations of the mental subjects . And there are more effects theirs a really long list .

     From who to get help .

  You need help!? Get help from experts like nutrition therapy and mental help even emotional therapy .

       Want to get more information got to : www.spychguides.com



          Do you sometimes wonder if a boy likes you !? You came to  right place because Jan knows everything .
      If a boy likes you he will care . For example if one day your appcent from school and the next day he asks you why were you appcent it means he likes you . He will stare at you in a loving way .He will alsó tease you boy telling you that he is your boy friend or even say that you are going to marrie him .

What to do if he asks you out .

   If that boy likes you but your not sure if he likes you or not .... you should ask the reason why he does ; like a boy might like you because oficiales your characteristic or because you are kind or caring .        But if you ask him why and he answers a no logical answer it means that he doesnt deserve you . An example of a none logical answer  ,  "Why do you like me !? " , boy : " cause you are pretty " .
WRONG !!! he doesnt like you !

   What to do if boy asks you out but you dont like him .

     If that boy likes you abd asks you out and you dont likes him talk to him sincerly like this ; Boy : " They want to gout with me !? "  .   Girl : No umm. ..  i dont like you we are only friends but nothing else . Thats the correcta way to do it  . So girls follow this steps and out heart wont be broken .