Why should reading comprehension be made a necessary hobby for children?

While we try our best to make our children participate in the habit of reading and writing as they come at school-going age, we are always stuck in the doubt of whether or not they are grasping the essence of the text and whether or not their minds are processing it. This is where reading comprehension comes in the picture. Reading comprehension not only helps children improve their speaking fluency and vocabulary just like general reading but also helps them understand, process, and recall what they read.

Many educational institutions and schools have started with such exercises on a weekly basis. This is because they understand the importance of comprehension in a student’s life. Just like these institutions, if you want to practise reading comprehension with your child, you must visit Dicker Learning Center. Their reading tutorial program starts for children studying in kindergarten, which goes to up for middle school students starting their exercises for 6th grade reading comprehension and then all the way up to reading practises for high school students.

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Let us understand some of the few benefits of reading comprehension in detail.

1. Develop your child’s intellectual

Help your child develop his or her intellectual which will further help them process facts and figures more rapidly than ever. Reading comprehension will help them grab a better understanding of important things which lie ahead in their life. Yes, that is right. This one practice not only helps them to develop their life academically but also personally. A simple example being, comprehending road and traffic signs.

2. Better Grades

Generally, reading comprehension is recommended for children as they enter kindergarten. However, some teachers and parents start exercise as the children reach middle school. Most schools practise 6th grade reading comprehension exercises for students which only goes up to 8th grade. However, studies show that a student practising reading comprehension all their student life guarantees better grades as he or she will be able to comprehend their worksheets and questionnaires much better.

3. Building stronger relations

As your child practises comprehension, his intellectual, social skills and emotional quotient rises. This makes him or her a better judge of the emotions he or she is going through later in life. In other words, you can say that reading comprehension helps them have a better overview of any situation and make better decisions in life based on any difficult or complicated situation they face. Rather than dwelling into emotions, they will learn to get an insight into the circumstances they are facing in life without doubting themselves.

4. Build confidence

Just like reading, comprehension improves the vocabulary and fluency in speaking. This improves their public speaking skills which further builds their overall confidence and enhances their personality. Strong communication skills can take your child to great heights in the long run. If they are confident and can express themselves clearly they will always be successful in making an impression on people around them.

5. Increases Knowledgeability

As the child reads and comprehends, he or she perceives many facts and figures. This practice makes them much more knowledgeable and they gain information on various subjects such as history, science, mathematics, etc. They might also get to know hidden facts and many other universal truth through this practice which other students of their age are not aware of.

The above-mentioned points are some of the few benefits your child grasps while practising reading comprehension. So whether it is in school, home or tutoring institutions, you must work towards making reading comprehension a necessary hobby for your child for his or her overall development.