Why Is Botox Used For Lip Injections?

Injecting cosmetic botox into your lips can provide multiple cosmetic improvements. The compound is essentially the botulinum toxin type. It is often used in the cosmetic industry to reinvigorate the skin. The chemical used in the cosmetic industry acts by weakening and paralyzing the muscles in the affected area. A single round of botox lip injections can paralyze the area for up to three months, reducing the presence of wrinkles and lines.

What botox can do for your lips?

When injected in the lip area, the botox can help:

  • minimize the creases in the lower and upper lip area
  • correct the gummy smile
  • elevate the corners of your mouth
  • remove the marionette lines and the lines that run downward from the mouth
  • enhance the upper lip, with the procedure known as the botox lip flip

For instance, in the botox lip flip procedure, the botox injections in Montreal will relax the muscles around the lips, making them curl up. This effect will make them seem larger than normal.

Botox injections usually take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the location of the injection and how the procedure is made. Typically, the injections are not considered a surgical procedure, so no recovery time is needed after the procedure. You can return to normal life immediately after the injections.

Botox injections are used to smooth lip lines and discrete wrinkles. These can develop on your face as a result of:

  • aging
  • smiling
  • laughing
  • frowning
  • smoking

Lip injections should only be done in a licensed dermatology clinic by fully licensed and qualified professionals. While the injections are not considered surgical interventions, safety must be guaranteed at all times. Make sure to talk with your dermatologist to learn more about botox in Montreal and its effects.

How do the botox lip flip injections work?

The botox lip flip injection is the most common cosmetic procedure if you want to make your lips larger. The easiest method to get larger lips is to go to a specialized dermatology clinic in order to get the right treatment. A good dermatology clinic will have qualified, experienced staff that will help you get the right results with minimal risks.

During a botox lip flip procedure, a doctor or technician will inject multiple units of botox into the lip area. Specifically, the injections are usually made into the middle area of the upper lip firstly. As the muscles relax after the injection, the lip will curl upward, making the lip seem larger. The lips will become longer, making them look larger, but without increasing the actual volume of the area.

If you want to have even larger lips, ask your dermatologist for a different kind of treatment. Specifically, this procedure is called a lip filler injection and is used to add more plumpness to the lip. You can obviously opt for either lip filler or botox separately or a combination of both. If you choose both of these treatments, the results are guaranteed. You'll get the maximum plumping effect. If both treatments are chosen, the doctor will use a botox unit to create a lip flip and then will inject the filler hyaluronic acid (this is either Juvederm or Restylane) in order to add plumpness. The effect will last about three weeks. This is very popular, particularly for special occasions.

Botox for a gummy smile – how does it work

If the teeth show up when you smile, the condition is called a gummy smile. If you want to treat this condition, the procedure is very similar to the Botox lip flip. The technique is very similar and is very simple for the patient.

The doctor will inject the botox unit into a specific area of the lip, called the Cupid's bow. The spot right in the middle of the upper lip, the place where the orbicularis oris muscle is. To better visualize this, the orbicularis oris muscle is the muscle that helps you pucker your lips. The botox in Montreal works by relaxing this muscle, making it curl automatically. The curl is done only slightly, so when you smile the upper and lower teeth are covered. This will make your lips look bigger and thus covering your teeth. No more gummy smiles!

Lip plumping – what else can you use to get the desired effect?

Lip plumping is usually done for aesthetic purposes. It can either be done to repair gummy smiles or achieve larger, fuller lips. Some people choose this procedure to avoid the effects of aging – lip fullness helps you look much younger. Botox is usually not used for this. Injectable lip fillers are preferred as they are more reliable and safe.

There are many types of lip fillers for this aesthetic procedure. A common ingredient for most of these fillers is the hyaluronic acid. These may include:

Juvederm Ultra or Restylane silk – These lip injections volume to smooth out shallow lines; it is ideal for people who want a limited filling effect; it lasts for about 6 months after the initial injection; the period becomes shorter if you have ample, frequent movements of the mouth area.

Regular restylane and Juvederm ultra plus – This filler combination offers a dramatic plumping effect; it lasts for about 6 months, but this can be extended for longer periods if used together with botox.

Restylane refyne and restylane defyne – This filler combination will create a natural look for your lips; the plumpness is limited and your lips will look round and young; the results will last about 6 to 12 months, depending on your age and the size of the lips, but also on the size of the injections used.

Volbella – This filler provides a more subtle plumpness to the lips; it's a very discrete intervention, but visible; the lips will look natural and the image created is ideal for most patients; the effect lasts for about 2 years, making it extremely convenient for most patients, both when it comes to costs and effort required.