Long Island Fishing Report: All The Fishes That You Can Catch There

If you are heading towards one of the largest islands in the US — Long Island to catch some unique fishes, you should first refer to the Long Island fishing report.

You see fishers, Long Island has many shallow, deep, and other fishing areas available. Every lake, pond, and ocean in Long Island offers a variety of fish species and other sea creatures to catch. Additionally, some species are seasonal and only appear on particular calendar months.

Thus, before heading over for fishing in Long Island, go through the latest DEC NYC Long Island fishing report. It will show all the rules and regulations to go on fishing trips in the Long Island area.

One important thing, freshwater and saltwater fishing rules are a bit different in New York State. If you are planning to go freshwater fishing in a lake or river, you need a fishing license to do so. But, if you want to fish in saltwater like a broad ocean, no license is required. You can simply book a charter from Celtic Quest Fishing and start fishing in the saltwater.

Let's see what reward is waiting for you in the freshwater and saltwater bodies in Long Island.

Fishes That You Can Catch in the Long Island

According to a Long Island fishing report, the place is a home for many water creatures. Throughout the year, you can catch numerous fishes there. However, some of the common fishes that you can always find in the Long Island water bodies are:


Long Island's shallow water bodies are home to a variety of Fluke species, including Winter Flounder, Summer Fluke, and Yellowtail Flounder. Between April and September, you can catch Fluke in Long Island and store it in your refrigerator for an unlimited supply of filets all year.

They are fun to catch. Usually, they crawl along the muddy bottom and require strength rather than technique to catch them. So, you can bring along your entire family to catch a Fluke for dinner.


Fluke might be a delicacy in the US, but Seabass is a global table fish. On the east coast, you can find the Grouper family Seabass, which is great news. These fishes are fun to catch and delicious to eat. You can find them along the bottom, like Flounder. But, once you hook them, they will surely give you a tough fight.

The Seabass fishing is open during June, so you can take your kids along to catch them. You should use live bait to attract them as they aren't interested in the dead meat.


Do you love to eat fish and chips? Then, you will find plenty of Cods in Long Island to make some fresh fish and chips. Block Island and Long Island are highly productive areas to catch a beautiful Cod for your family dinner. And, the great thing is that you can catch Cod year-round. There's not a particular season to catch Cods, but during winters and springs, you can catch them in the deeper ends.

Striped Bass

Striped Bass is a coveted Long Island delicacy that you can catch anytime during the year. From April onwards, you can start catching them. Plus, Striped Bass will offer you a tough fight and the opportunity to test all your fishing techniques like trolling, bottom fishing, and even fly fishing.

Overall, you can find numerous different fishes in Long Island waters, including Tuna, Bluefish, Sharks, Kingfish, Amberjack, and more. So, to catch a variety of fishes, get your Long Island fishing report and book a charter from the Celtic Quest Fishing now. We have plenty of different fishing trips ready for you!