Invest In New Windows For Your Home And Office: Beat The Summer Heat With Solar Control Window Film

Living in the south means dealing with hot and humid weather. It is important to keep our businesses, homes, and cars as cool as we can. It should be mandatory to have solar energy solutions in place to ensure that furniture and artwork stay intact from damaging UV rays. Making the right decision will not only preserve your home but make living more comfortable for your family and your employees. Solar energy is the new wave, with everyone trying to come up with different solutions to save on energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

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One benefit of the tinted window film solution is the reduction of cooling costs. Tinted window films reduce the entry of harmful UV rays. This protects the homeowner and also results in a cooler home. Good window films can keep up to 100% of harmful and heating UV rays. A warmer home places a greater emphasis on your air conditioning system. The cost to keep your business cooler can be reduced by installing the right windows. More glass windows and doors provide an opportunity for warming rays of the sun to enter a home. This obviously means a warmer home. Tinted window film help to keep out harmful UV rays and warming rays from the sun. Excessive exposure to UV rays can damage skin and even lead to skin cancer such as melanoma. These harmful UV rays may also damage furniture and carpets. If a homeowner has paid a considerable amount of money for his carpet and furniture, it is a good investment to protect it with tinted security film. The carpet and furniture directly impacted by UV rays may become visibly faded over time which might warrant an entire room replacement. The cost to replace one room can exceed the cost to protect the entire home with tinted security film. Tinted films on cars are also beneficial in hot climates. Cars can get up to twenty degrees hotter ten minutes after the air conditioner is turned off.

Also, tinted window film means there is less of a load on the air conditioning system. Cost savings will vary from home to home depending on the geographic location of the home, the number of hours of sunlight, type of season (more savings in summertime) and the number of glass windows, skylights and doors.

Window film solutions also protect the home from explosions and dangerous flying objects caused by nature and man-made destructive forces. Direct impact from one of these objects may breach a part of the glass but the film resists penetration by holding the entire glass together. Explosions create a destructive force with flying shrapnel; bullets of debris in all directions. Businesses and public structures like airports can add another layer of protection by applying security film to all glass. Similar dangers exist when tornadoes and hurricanes occur. South Florida is known to have yearly hurricanes so having windows with a dual purpose such as security and cooling benefits are worth the cost. Winds as little as 40 miles per hour and up to 200 miles per hour can hurl debris towards homes and businesses. Even hardened glass can be breached and shattered if a metal object is launched against it with sufficient force. However, window film on exposed glass can limit the destructive force of bombs and hurricane-level winds by keeping the glass intact. Without security film, the shattered glass itself can become weaponized and can create significant damage to life and property. For all these reasons, window film is a great investment.

Solar windows are also a good investment, but some people do not understand the mechanics of it. When creating solar energy solutions the process of incorporating solar control on windows wasn’t easy. A photovoltaic film is applied to the window glass. Some companies may sandwich solar panel cells in between window glass. The human eye is not able to see the solar panels between the glass as there are “invisible wires” that absorb the energy from the sun to the grids. Windows with photovoltaic films are lightweight, which makes them easier to transport and absorb energy.

Windows can have more than one benefit. Windows can have energy solutions, security solutions, and even be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Windows can provide different colored films as well. While the clear film is available, I highly recommend purchasing a darker tint. Contrary to popular belief, most home break-in occurs during the day. Thieves want to see if the home contains valuable items that can be sold, traded or pawned at a higher dollar. Tinted security film serves as the first roadblock. A thief may not wish to linger by a window especially if he is visible to neighbors. If he cannot see inside the window or door due to the privacy presented by the tinted window film, he may decide to move on. At this point, he may decide that it is too much of a risk to break and enter the window without being able to determine the quantity and quality of items in the home. There is also the chance that a homeowner may be present. Even though there may be no cars in the garage or driveway, it is possible that someone is home asleep, in the basement or another part of the home not visible to the thief. This situation becomes highly charged because a home invasion can now be compounded by assault to the homeowner. It is also possible that the homeowner may be armed and prepared to defend the home and body. He may decide that due to the fact that he cannot confirm the home is empty due to the tinted solar film, the additional risk of a person being home is too great. From this example, we can see how having multi-purpose window film could be very beneficial. Businesses that have the added protection will also benefit from solar control windows. Incorporating the extra security and energy saver will kill two birds with one stone. The tinted solar film is the way to go.



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