Ok so first of all, for those who don't know.
Letlive is a great band which i will link riiiight here:

Turns out that they're signed so some guys called Epitaph Records.
I had no idea and I don't really care either or i thought i didn't.
I went to these guys youtube page to check out which other band they've signed.

Idk but they got good taste in music, so here's some new music for you guize that you PROBABLY haven't heard!!

And to all you fuckers on my facebook who has claimed themselves as the kings and queens of Metal/Rock.

Please just shut the fuck up if you don't like it

Last but not least, Swedish guys from Örebro

Real serious note tho, I really hate people who listen to metal and rock, what is up with everyone knowing everything about music? Bitches be like "uh i can totally hear that this guy is screaming from his throat not his stomach ugh newbie", "that guys guitar isn't tuned omg" while they shove their shitty garage band up your throat showing you ​how much better they are​.. Listen here you lil shit, if you were good, you wouldn't show me your music on a 2007 ipod.

 Shut. Up.

Best regards,
Real tired of you fuckers.

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