So I'm leaving Malta in a month.

I've spent my last 6 months here.
It never really felt like home though, so bye bitch.

I know i haven't updated recently mostly because I haven't done shit.
Had my 20th birthday, slept, celebrated some birthdays, got sick.

So that's my days.

Anyways, since i'm leaving Malta pretty soon i thought I might make "sentimental" kind of post with pictures from day one until about new years. Yea? Ok. Here we go.

Picture 1. from when i was about to board the plane, so nervous. The rest of them is from the day when i arrived and the shared bedroom at the hostel.

I think most of these are from my first week in Malta. First time i went to the skatepark, still disappointed about that one.

Ok so the pictures are not really in the right order here by time but, my first time visiting paceville, my first day at evolution, which i kind of regret leaving now(best company i worked for here so far).
Also some random pictures that i snapped for no apparent reason.

Some pictures from when Jonas lived with us and from halloween.

Bear with me, we are very close to ending this madness.

So all of these pictures are just a mix of my days between christmas and new years.
New uears was quite boring until i uninvted joined Jossan to a new years party in a flat.

Also for some reason i found this really funny a while ago.
The resemblance is uncanny.

Unfortunately(or not) there isn't many pictures after this since my phone stopped working, and you've seen most of them anyways since i got my camera in January and started updating my blog.

Thank you for now Malta, I might come back, or not.

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