Hey guys,

I know i haven't updated in a while. To be honest, I haven't had the inspiration to write anything or the energy.
It's been almost a month since I slept well and I gave up on life for a while.
Depression and anxiety is still lurking at the back of my head but I've been battling with this for 5 years now and I know it will pass. It's a part of life.

Anyways, enough with the sad stuff.
My family is coming tomorrow and i missed them so much!!
I wish i could see my dog too but I just have to give it a week and i'll be able to hug her as much as i want to.

I haven't used my camera much lately because like i mentioned i haven't been feeling great.

So this is what i've been up to lately:

Yea basically hanging at the beach, having delicious drinks and relaxing.

Today i made the most amazing pancakes I've ever had. Vegan of course.

Vegan american chocolate pancakes.

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Let's get this shit started. Wooooo





So me and Matilda went back to the place Emil showed me a while ago since Matilda missed it last time because of work.
She loved it too, what isn't there to love though.
And for the first time on this blog, i present to you; pictures of me that i did not take! How wonderful.

Amazing day.



Ok so first of all, for those who don't know.
Letlive is a great band which i will link riiiight here:

Turns out that they're signed so some guys called Epitaph Records.
I had no idea and I don't really care either or i thought i didn't.
I went to these guys youtube page to check out which other band they've signed.

Idk but they got good taste in music, so here's some new music for you guize that you PROBABLY haven't heard!!

And to all you fuckers on my facebook who has claimed themselves as the kings and queens of Metal/Rock.

Please just shut the fuck up if you don't like it

Last but not least, Swedish guys from Örebro

Real serious note tho, I really hate people who listen to metal and rock, what is up with everyone knowing everything about music? Bitches be like "uh i can totally hear that this guy is screaming from his throat not his stomach ugh newbie", "that guys guitar isn't tuned omg" while they shove their shitty garage band up your throat showing you ​how much better they are​.. Listen here you lil shit, if you were good, you wouldn't show me your music on a 2007 ipod.

 Shut. Up.

Best regards,
Real tired of you fuckers.



Hey get ready for another one of those corny ass buzzfeed kinda posts because I am about to smash it in your face.
Also +1 for clickbait title!!

I present to you; 10 things is miss about Sweden.

1. That you don't have to have a boring job to get paid well.

Okey, It's nice being 20 with no experience and still getting up to 2000 euro/month. I won't complain.
BUT, what's up with getting 4.50/hour for workng your ass of in a "physical" job(waiters, bartenders, construction workers etc.)?
You can't survive on a pay like that!! I know it's the same in many other countries except Malta. Spain for example.
So tired of all the customer support jobs down here.

2. Functioning public transport.

I never thought i would even think that, but i will never ever complain about the public transport in Sweden again.
Down here it's all about going to a bus stop and hoping there will be a bus within the next 20 minutes. But who knows? The bus driver might as well got tired of driving and decided that it was time for a cigarette break, if doesn't light one while driving that is...

3. My family

I dont think i have to explain this one.
Photo is about 4 years old.

5. Equality

Ok, this might sound as a stupid point, but i actually do miss a country where there would be chaos if the guard at a club tried to grope anyone(which happens like every time you're trying to have a fun night out here) and where your gender is not based on what you're wearing. Not that I mind people calling me tomboy, I even find it funny. But come on, I'm not a tomboy for skating and drinking beer.
Malta seems to still be a bit behind when it comes to treating people as a person instead of as a gender.


Drinking alcohol and losing your shit in all it's glory.
But there's just more stuff to do back home.
You can go to Liseberg(amusementpark), you can go shopping in Nordstan or just sit by the water next to Göteborgsoperan.

Drinking alcohol is very low on my priority list for the moment.

7. Stores are open on sundays.

Sunday is that day when you almost always have time to go shopping and get your food for the rest of the week, WHY is everything closed?!

8. Your bosses appreciate you.

Here you are the person who does what your boss doesn't want to do. And they're not afraid of showing you that you're not worth shit and that they could replace you within a second.
Remember that telling your employee that they're doing good won't make them steal your position, it will make them work harder and put their energy in to the company instead of just working there to get their monthly paycheck.

9. Everything is organized

...and your not in charge of organizing everything on your own.
It's like you don't even have to make your own schedule in Sweden because everyone else just tells you a time where something has to be done or where to meet someone and usually you just roll with it.

If you don't have the time, you have to make the time and i like that.
Also doctors contact you, you don't have to call them 40 times to ask about for example test results.

10. The nature

Seriously, another thing i never thought i would say.
But i REALLY miss seeing anything green, I miss grass, trees, flowers.
Swedish nature is actually really beautiful.

This what it looks like, these are not magazine photos or anything, it's just pure Sweden.

But I am going to be honest with you guys.
I do NOT love Sweden, i am in fact planning on leaving pretty soon again, just making up these 10 things took me almost 1,5 hour. But I do prefer these things in Sweden over any other country I've been to so far.
If Sweden was as warm as Malta i wouldn't have left it. I HATE winters, I really do. The darkness makes me just hide for 9 months of the year. It really sucks. But the these 10 things are still genuine and most of them are things you can only find in the Scandinavian countries. The cold and darkness is what makes me leave though.



Inspired by several non-vegan recipes i decided to try veganise a cookie i saw on tasty.
I swear to god, I'm in heaven.


Recipe in swenglish, try to understand it.

Makes about 8 cookies.

1 ¼ dl vegetabilisk olja/vegetable oil
2 ½ dl socker/sugar
4 msk/tbsp sirap/syrup
2 msk/tbsp sojamjölk/soymilk
½ tsk/tsp vanilsocker/vanilla sugar
about 4 dl vetemjöl/flour
ungefär en tesked salt/about half a tablespoon of salt
½ tsk/tsp bakpulver/baking powder
8 oreos

Sorry for loving food.



Dead because good taste, and i got for of these bad boys.
Be jelly

​I love vegan life.

Spinach, butter beans, cream, vegetable stock, salt, pepper.
Boil all the bitches in a pot an shit is done. ALSO CHEAP AF AND LOADED WITH HEALTHY SHIT



So I'm leaving Malta in a month.

I've spent my last 6 months here.
It never really felt like home though, so bye bitch.

I know i haven't updated recently mostly because I haven't done shit.
Had my 20th birthday, slept, celebrated some birthdays, got sick.

So that's my days.

Anyways, since i'm leaving Malta pretty soon i thought I might make "sentimental" kind of post with pictures from day one until about new years. Yea? Ok. Here we go.

Picture 1. from when i was about to board the plane, so nervous. The rest of them is from the day when i arrived and the shared bedroom at the hostel.

I think most of these are from my first week in Malta. First time i went to the skatepark, still disappointed about that one.

Ok so the pictures are not really in the right order here by time but, my first time visiting paceville, my first day at evolution, which i kind of regret leaving now(best company i worked for here so far).
Also some random pictures that i snapped for no apparent reason.

Some pictures from when Jonas lived with us and from halloween.

Bear with me, we are very close to ending this madness.

So all of these pictures are just a mix of my days between christmas and new years.
New uears was quite boring until i uninvted joined Jossan to a new years party in a flat.

Also for some reason i found this really funny a while ago.
The resemblance is uncanny.

Unfortunately(or not) there isn't many pictures after this since my phone stopped working, and you've seen most of them anyways since i got my camera in January and started updating my blog.

Thank you for now Malta, I might come back, or not.