I saw a post today that talked about how a family member who is refusing to talk to their family because they voted for Trump and at Christmas they sent a book for the kids and I'm assuming the parents called, "Seperate is Never Equal" though it is sad that this family member feels she can't connect with her family because of the election doesn't mean it is all about the election.

Trump stands for different reasons for different people but one of these is hate. We all know it and we all have seen his remarks to women, the disabled, Latinos, Muslims, and etc of the non white male category. I am sure this family, at least I hope doesn't stand for such discrimination, I don't blame their family member for having trouble accepting how someone that she loves could want someone of so much hate and disrespect to be at the highest mark in our country (but let's be honest Trump is mostly a symbol and half that he promises to do will never happen).

But.... If Trump can really make American great again how is that possible if not all Americans are included? He might say that he will include all Americans now but this is where I call bullshit. From his previous accusations he has shown that he doesn't stand for all Americans and now because he has been elected DOESN'T mean all of a sudden he stands for all Americans!

Trump is president though and all we can do is hope for the best. What saddens me is that some Parents will teach their kids in the way of thinking that we are ALL not equal; That all black people steal, or all Mexicans are rapist, or all gays are going to hell. By teaching their kids these streotypes they later will teach other kids, and one day their own kids, and so on. Though my mom didn't teach me these stereotypes i'm sadden to say at some point they were put into my head from others. Of course I didn't believe them completely but time to time they would pop up.

ALL people are the same and on the pursuits to be happy and have a quality life where they can provide for theirselves and family. If you don't see it this way WAKE UP. I do believe people need to fight and work for what they have but it shouldn't be harder because the color of your skin, the religion you worship, or the sexual orientation you have.

When one believes in equality then ones mind can grow.

As I live in Spain where there is currently a economic crisis where many families have no stability and are hoping next month they are able to pay the bills and put food on the table. I appreciate the United States so much more because our country offers opportunity. Our country is great because of the diversity and it is our jobs to make sure all the people have an equal chance at life as an United States Citizen.

I want to make a point that I have traveled around more of the world then most Americans ever will dream about. If it wasn't for my open mind and belief that EVERYONE is equal there is no possible way I could of adapted to the changes and differences I was faced with and LEARNED from them at the same time. I grew and am growing as a person because I look at the world in many dimensions now. I know if everyone could stop worrying about being superior and start loving their fellow man no matter who they are the world would be an amazing place.

THERE WILL ALWAYS BE PEOPLE DIFFERENT THAN YOURSELF. Challenge your thoughts, challenge what you have always known, get the hell out of your bubble. I promise from experience life can be so much more satisfying when you stop worrying about what you can't change and start accepting them.


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The last couple of weeks have been an adventure. I celebrated Halloween, I went hiking, and also took a trip to Valencia with my class. Halloween was a lot of fun here because I went to a 7 floor club called Kapital with many of my friends. I got to dress up cute and had makeup like a vampire. The club is absolutely amazing there are dance floors, a karaoke floor, and relaxing floors. We had a long and fun night. I went hiking in a city called Patones. I went with the younger kids at my school; it was about two hours away from Madrid by bus. We climbed almost to the top and it was hardwork but it was worth it because of the beautiful view. Also on this day we hiked to a really old village that was magnificent. Especially since it was fall and all the leaves were changing colors. Last weekend though I went to Valencia for the weekend with my class. From Madrid it took almost 5 hours on bus to get to Valencia.Valencia is a place in the south-east of Spain next to the ocean. While we were there we did several activities including sight seeing, going to an aquarium and making food for turtles, and walking on the beach. I had so much fun getting to know my class and seeing an amazing city like Valencia.

The 8th of November marked my two months here and what a two months it has been. It definitely has been full of ups and downs. Getting adjusted to the culture. language, and new city I am living in. I am coming along great though. I learn different things everyday and I think its one of the best parts of this experience. Sometimes I’m sitting in a place andjust feel so enchanted. I can’t describe the feeling but I feel so happy to behere. I always catch myself thinking, “I’m really here, who gets to do this”. Don’t get me wrong there are days that are hard but I remind myself to step back and look at how lucky I am to have this opportunity. I am so excited for the memories I am going to make thisyear. I’m making so man friends and going to so many cool places. Also theholidays are around the corner and it is my favorite time of the year (:



I have not wrote in a long time... I feel like I am always so busy and if not I’m sleeping haha I'm really not complaining. I have been in Madrid for over a month now and I am falling more in love with this place everyday. The city is great and the people even more so. I am absolutely bewildered by all the differences but I am in awe with it.

When I first moved here I had a really hard time atfirst adjusting to school and getting used to the new culture. Now though I feel great and that I am really immersed into Spain and my new life. My family is so great here and I honestly couldn't be more lucky. They are so kind to me and treat me as part of the family and that is all I could ask for. People are right though when you go on exchange everything you know is put to the test from the friends you choose to the morals you have grown up with your entire life. I have questioned everything about myself and for the most part it is the most liberating part of my exchange.

I can see myself growing as a person everyday. In America I felt dependent but here even more so. I also see that I am becoming even more accepting then I already was. I have always been open minded but living in a place completely foreign has made it easier for me to realize you can't change everything and sometimes you just have to move on and accept ithow it is. I now find the unknown exciting instead of scary.

Even though I am very busy with managing school,social life, and new a culture. I have had so much fun the last month. Getting to know locals, making so many new friends, and making a new life for myself here has been to say the least a roller coaster but I am thrilled to be along for the ride. This year will be full of ups and downs but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Hope you enjoyed reading, soon I will be making post about differences of school, social life, and other interesting things!

Hasta Luego (:

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I am finally in Spain. I have been here for over two weeksnow and I still can’t believe I will live here for the next 10 months. I amstarting to adjust because school started last week and I am now comfortableabout how my daily life will be here.

The first day I got here my family was at the airportwaiting for me. I was so excited to finally meet them and start the year. Wefirst went home and I got settled in then later me and my host sister Beatrizwent to the swimming pool, It was really nice but later that week the swimmingpool was closed for the year because 85 degrees is just to cold for Spanishpeople I guess haha. The next day my family took me to their village houseoutside of Madrid. The house was so cute and the scenery absolutely beautifulwith all of the cornfields I felt like I was back in Kentucky. We also had acookout and went to watch an amazing fire work show that weekend I have to sayAmericans are doing fireworks wrong because this was the most amazing fireworkshow I have ever seen.

The upcoming week I started school. I walk to and fromschool a little more than 1 mile. I have to say I thought school would beeasier but the teachers talk so fast there is no way possible to follow along.I only arrived a couple weeks ago so I know with time it will get easier andeasier. The kids I have met are really nice too me and are helping show mearound and adjust to my new life here. There is an au pair from Germany that lives in my building my age tooand she is an amazing person and I have enjoyed talking to her the last coupleweeks. Since Madrid is the capital of Spain there care many other exchangestudents and it has been great being able to meet up in the city and talk withpeople who feel the same feelings that I am experiencing,

In Madrid public transportation is one of the best so I knewif I wanted to go anywhere I had to figure it out. I am by far not an expertbut everyday I get better and better. Ihave a public transport card and every month I pay 20 euros and I can use thebus, metro, train, or any other transportation as much as I want. I think itsreally nice because you can get anywhere you need to and the train station isonly a 10 minute walk from me. Walking is part of the culture here. EVERYONE iswalking everywhere school, work, grocery, etc. It is nice but it is one of thehardest differences to adjust too well besides the language of course. I havemy third class at my language course today so hopefully it goes well.

I love this place, it might be hard sometimes but I know Iam meant to be here.

Thanks for reading. ADIOS (:


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I'm going to start off this post by talking about the family I stayed with because they are so cute and did so much for me. My friend Julia I stayed with we met on Facebook a couple years a go when she did an exchange in Spain. She was in a group on Facebook I was in and when I saw she was in Spain I started asking questions and then in betweenthose questions there were many conversations, Skype calls, and learning abouteach other. So as you can imagine I was stoked when I finally got to meet thisgirl I've been talking to from across the world almost everyday in person! Itwas great and her family was great. She lives with her parents and older sisterand they were so kind to make me feel right at home. They took me to severalplaces so I could see Austria and learn about their culture and history. 

We started off by going up a mountain to see a view of their town and to have a picnic. After we traveled down the hill to a castle which is owned by Esterhazy family also this family owns most of the land in the country. On the next day we climbed a mountain I know there are much higher mountains but it felt like the highest to me....Myrafälle is the name and you can find very beautiful views and water falls there. We also ate lunch at an adorable restaurant at the top of the mountain where I got to eat typical Austrian food. 

On Saturday Julia and I went to a fun party but before we drank some wine and played cards with her dad. The card game is called Tausenderln and I had trouble figuring it out lol. The party was fun with hundreds of people, a DJ, and teenagers were the bar tenders...that is still crazy for me. For the next couple of days we did several things like go eat lunch at her grandparents house, go to a pool, go for drinks with her friend I met at the party, and so on.  

The last two days I was there were awesome because I got to spend them in Vienna. Julia and I went to the zoo one day and I'm still sad because I took a selfie with a monkey and it got deleted but anyways the zoo was fantastic and outside of it was a beautiful view ofVienna and a palace. The last day I spent in Vienna walking around and seeing the buildings and going on a time travel tour where I learned about the history of Vienna and I was able to learn a lot. Also we went to a church that day and underneath there were catacombs I had caskets with bodies of priest and respected others laying to rest right next to me. Also when you go a little further in the Catacombs you can find a well of bones from victims of the BlackPlague which killed 25 millions people in 1347-1352. Also there were mass graves with millions of bones and you could say I was creeped out at the end but I was so glad I got to see it. Well Austria was great and I will definitely be going back. Danke to the family I stayed with I couldn't be more grateful for the generosity you showed a random girl from America your daughter met on Facebook.Until next time, Tschüss Austria.

Update about my travels****** I'm in the Netherlands I have been here for 5 days of course it is wonderful and tomorrow I go to my family in Spain I'm so excited, nervous, and scared. My feelings are so confusing but I know this was the best decision of my life.