Jowy Cenat’s Viral Piano Covers Are Taking the Internet by Storm

To be known in the vast field of the music industry is no easy feat—but it’s something Jowey Cenat is willing to strive for, more so for others than for himself. Now an accomplished musician himself, Mr. Cenat is currently working towards the single goal of uplifting the morale of all aspiring artists and helping them build their presence on social media.

Music, more intimately known as an art form and cultural activity, is an expression of love and craft, feeling, and emotion. It personally speaks to audiences and conveys messages of familiarity and awareness. There is a reason why the youth, and indeed generations past, are so taken with the idea, the notion of circulating and publicizing varied forms of music. From the soft tones of jazz to the eccentric beats of cultural dance piano, music is capable of betraying sentiments and affections that may be otherwise discreet and covert to some.

Past experience has led Jowy Cenat to an early access child center called “Free to Be,” where the yearning to help and to care for others sprung from within him. It was here that feelings of benevolence and magnanimity made itself known to his person, and that eventually became the catalyst to his current interests and ambitions. Mr. Cenat is a self- taught piano musician with a Health College degree— dual minor in Public & Holistic Health. He has published the book “Video Influencer Authority,” a step-by-step guide for aspiring artists that reveals how one’s vision, purpose, and passion may manifest in their social presence through online videos. Putting across the right ideas and emotions is an important factor in making a name for oneself, and it is a point that is constantly mentioned and highlighted in the book.

What began as piano covers quickly escalated into major gigs that made performances in universities on the East coast possible. So unique was Joey Cenat’s genre because aside from the classic piano pieces, he injected authentic and soulful Caribbean tones into others, making an entirely new and refreshing brand of music. This, coupled with the help of Instagram and Facebook ads, has allowed him to reach an audience of at least five hundred thousand. Being a self- taught musician, Mr. Cenat knows more than anyone else the struggles that come with making a name in the industry. It is not an easy journey, nor should it be taken lightly, but, with his expert guidance and experience, the load for other artists might just be a little lighter.

Mr. Cenat has more than established himself and his music in the industry, and he now believes that his knowledge and experience must be put to good use: it must be shared with others to help them succeed and to, in turn, allow them the opportunity to triumph and to eventually thrive. Music knows no bounds, and its avenues are endless—everyone has something to impart, and Jowy Cenat is not about to deprive individuals of that right.