bakır hurda fiyatları

Iron, which has a history dating back to ancient Sumer and Egyptians and is the absolute most popular mine in the world, constitutes 95 percent of the metals stated in the world. Its low price and high durability have made iron typically the most popular product. So much so that this situation is the most important iron; The most crucial element of the buildings has managed to get the building block of the automotive industry and indispensable for ship hulls. Furthermore, iron is among followed closely by medical sector, since it bakır hurda fiyatları be the constant of the blood cells giving the red color to human blood. Since it could be the backbone of the iron industry, it also plays an important role in the economic development of countries. So much to ensure that one of many only distinguishing functions by that the development indexes of countries are calculated is per capita iron and steel consumption.

The widespread utilization of iron has caused the scrap iron product to stay the very first invest the recycling sector. It has become an indispensable mine of humanity both by being in the alloy of other metals and by itself. Scrap iron can also be recycled by many factories inside our country. Kardemir, Erdemir, İskenderun and Kırıkkale iron and steel factories can be given as a respected example. When looking at the forms of scrap iron; DKP, coarse, extra, casting, manufacturing waste and sawdust are outstanding. DKP, which is the greatest iron scrap, contains products such as pipes which have not been processed much in production, and machine wastes. Production surplus is named scraps left over from production, even though it appears like scrap scrap. Iron scrap, which takes up lots of space and is poor in quality, is named as coarse scrap. The scrap resulting from the casting of iron and steel is called casting, and the mixed scrap, which contains many types of scrap, is also called extra iron scrap. Finally, the crumbs formed consequently of machine wastes are called sawdust scrap. Although there are numerous more types, it is possible to limit the most common types of scrap iron in this way.

There is no company that doesn't recycle and includes a scrap of iron. It may start with iron at first and then move to other product categories. Among the pioneers of the iron scrap industry in the capital, Hak Hurdacılık Ltd. Şti. It continues its services with the excitement of the initial day. You can always contact us for almost any questions and opinions about iron or other products.