Hello again,

I have realised something, I really suck at consistency and I am too much of a adrenaline seeker to actually commit to things but now I am back. Friends and family have asked me to take this up again, so as theraputical as it is, I am going to start again hehe...

So life this summer has been the least to say hectic, I found out I failed an exam, I got a new job, I went to Greece with my grandparents, I have been out and met all my lovely friends, I have tried experiences that a month ago I would have never said yes to and the best of the best I have gotten my gym schedule back on track. But now it feels like summer and it's fun is soon over and real life starts to creep in again. I am terrified of routines, early mornings and commitments. I am and one day will make sure I am my own boss, so I always tell myself that hard work is my motivation to acheieve that.

Sitting in bed listening to Skeptaaa and drinking tea like the English prick I am. Planning on calling up Bryan and going through housing options in London T, we have postponed it for too long now and soon we will be living on the street.