I haven´t told you this, but I stutter, like really bad. I have always done it, since I could practically talk. I wasn't liking it at first, the way I got to the accept point of it was by going to a camp with a bunch of others that stutter here in Sweden. My first year was 2017, and now I have just gotten home from my third year. I love that camp! There is no other camp quite like it. We all just have this connection that I don´t have with anybody else, which feels great.

I was completely lost when I got there the first time, and now I haven´t felt more self as I do today. A big part of that is because of this camp. And this year might be my last, I´m getting my exam soon and I don´t know what will happen after school, but I have dreams about it.

So I just wanna say thanks to the stuttering. It made me meet my third family. People I love. And times I will never forget.

Love, Celly.



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