Hey, sorry that I haven´t posted in a while. I have been so busy with my summer job, reading, writing and other things. So now comes a month update. Sweden´s summer haven´t been so much summer, more like rain and wind. I have been inside, working at the library in 3 weeks, they were pretty fast. I have had fun. I also got the opportunity to read Nicholas Sparks´ new book, "Every Breath", and it was AMAZING! I bought it today so I can read it over and over again. I have also been looking for universities and colleges, and writing a new love story.

I´m going to Turkey tomorrow, staying there for a week. I will give you a post about that when I get home. And after all that, who knows. With only 6 months left of 2019, anything is possible.

Love, Celly.



Is "the lost art of letter writing" like an essay or part of the book? I think that's really true nowadays, it's becoming a relic from the past unfortunately.
Idk. I think it´s more of a part there he told how it was to write stories and invloved letters, and there are many of them. How he became lost in it and describing a story in the letter writing too. He wrote about the letters in "Dear John", "The Longest Ride" and some more which I do not
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