Happy Pride month everybody!! I joined the LGBTQ community for like three years ago as bisexual (or that was when I came out for the first time), and I still am that today. I´m a proud bisexual woman! Tho I have been having some changing periods, thinking I was a lesbian but now I know I´m bisexual. I always knew I liked both genders, but I didn't realize what that would make me until three years ago. I feel so much myself now when I´m out. Everyone who really knows me knows my sexuality, and how proud I´m of it. Tho I never have had a relationship or a first kiss, I still have hope. And I don´t care if it is a boy or a girl, what matters to me is that he or she makes me feel safe, happy and loved.

I realized all this when I saw one of my favorite female characters came out as a lesbian in one of my favorites shows, Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars. I was always okay with people being gay, lesbian, bi, trans and more. It´s who they are, and I just love when they are not afraid to show it out to the world. I know how hard it can be to come out, I was afraid to do it. I was in the closet for like a month before I said it to my friends first and then my parents, they all was okay with it. You never know what to expect in this world. We all know there was a time when liking the same gender was unacceptable, and for some people it still is. I think, speaking as a bisexual woman, that whoever shows out who and how they love are some of the most bravest people in the world.

This month is for those people who are not afraid to scream out who they are and how they love! Love is for everybody, and love always wins. Love is love, that is what it is and always have been.

Love, Celly.



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