So yesterday I watched the third and final movie of Disney´s Descendants, and I LOVED IT!! I became so shook every time I heard a song or the scene of the song! The vocals in "Nightfalls" were just WOW. I loved every scene of it! I really enjoyed Evie´s energy when she wanted Mal and Uma to become friends, and it worked. Audrey was a badass villain, and I loved that!

I haven´t loved a Disney channel movie series this much since High School Musical. Kenny Ortega is a legend and he truly deserved that star on walk of fame. I will miss this series so much. Evie was the reason I fell in love with Sofia, and her beautiful voice. I miss Cameron so much! He will always be in my heart! RIP Cameron Boyce.

I can´t wait to see Disney´s new movie projects, the good ones then.

Love, Celly.



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