"I'm a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class"

Yes you heard right!

So me and my bf love to watch all kinds of food programs on tv. Not too long ago we saw an episode from Man vs. Food (i think) and they presented some innovative way to eat a regular hotdog. So last night we wanted to do something similar. This is what i would like to call a loaded hotdog. I topped mine with avocado, onion rings, shredded cheese, roasted onions, jalapeño sauce and mustard.

Oh my lord, how heavenly that tasted! All these flavors combined perfectly in my mouth. It was soon good!

You should definitely try it out, you can choose whichever toppings you prefer and i can promise you that you will never go back to a plain hotdog again! PROMISE!

our loaded hotdogs. mine on top [bf also put some tomatoes on his]

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... far away

So I was browsing the web and came across so many luxury hotels that I wanted to settle my big butt in, sometime in the near feature!

Imagine that you wake up in the morning and walk out on your patio. The sun in heating up your face and body and at the same time a cool breeze passes by. You gently open your eyes and this is what you see:

Foto: Exellence Playa Mujeres

This is a picture from a resort in Mexico called Excellence Playa Mujeres. ​How bad do you want to lay in that pool and eat breakfast with that view? Baaaaaad, like really really BAD! #goals2016



I got some good news with the mail today!

It's finally official. I am now a proud mom and owner of my sweet little Miniature Pinscher, Walter.

I've only had him for about five months but he's my most precious and I adore him. He is such a lively and playful dog and he loves to cuddle :) And for the longest time I thought he was still a puppy but I actually found out, in the process of adopting him, that he is almost four years old. 

Now we have expanded our little family by one, and who knows, it might expand by one more this year?



Happy 2016.

I thought I would give this one more chance, I mean, how hard can it be to commit and be continuous? Well it shouldn't be. The past year went by too fast (cliche) but at the same time not that much in my life happened. Way to boring, if you ask me! But still it was a pretty good year. To make 2016 even better I decided to write down 16 new years resolutions. Here they come:

1. Travel more - This year I want to travel a whole lot more than last year. My goal is to get out of the country at least three times, and one of the times has to be a place where I have never been before.

2. Unleash the creativity - I need to get in my state of mind and create!

3. More DIYs - A partial goal to the one above is to upload more DIYs on my Youtube channel.

4. Grow my Youtube channel - Since I'm in my third year of Youtube creations I really want to find my nisch and expand my channel - make it grow!

5. Blog frequently - This one right here is probably the one I have to work the hardest with. I really want to get into blogging since I really enjoy it but suck at maintaining.

6. Write more - Someday I want to publish a book but I really need to get started with some ideas and drafts.

7. Read more - Last year I started to read more than I'v done in the past 10 years, so I really want to continue that. This year I want to read at least 50 books - yikes!

8. Eat healthy - This year I have to eat better. I was such a unhealthy eater last year and gain a lot of kg. So this is the right time to start the year with a healthy eating habit.

9. Workout more - With healthy eating comes working out. I need to get my but into the gym at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes plus walk 10000 steps a day!

10. Loose 20 kg - Since I gained a whole lot of kg I really need to loose them. 20 kg might sound a lot, but that is actually what I need to loose in order to feel healthy!

11. Get a job - So this is the last semester of my school. I will be graduating June 3rd. And by august I better have found me a job.

12. Get a house - This year my main focus is to move into my dream house. I am on a hunt right now and I believe I will find a house pretty soon. But in the end of the year I better have bought a house!

13. Save more money - Wooooh, this is also a hard one. I really need to spend less money this year. I don't even know where all my money went last year! That's why I'm keeping an extra eye on my bank account this year. And I will actually make a separate feed regarding a great app, that will track where all your money goes. Beware - I got anxiety when I saw what I spend on certain things.

14. Keep in touch more - I'm so bad at keeping in touch with my family members. And it is sad to think that we only gather during the holidays. I really want us to hang out more often, specially with both of my nieces and my nephew.

15. Draw more - I am the happiest me when I draw so therefor I really need to draw more in order for me to be happy :P

16. Smile more - I smile when I'm happy and when I smile people around me smile. That's why I think it is so important to wake up with a smile and keep it hanging all through the day!

Now I feel that all of the resolutions above are doable, don't you agree?

So let 2016 begin!



Balmain har gjort ett samarbete ihop med H&M och idag, den 5:e november släpps den kollektionen. Här nedan kommer några utvalda godisar som jag håller ett extra öga på!



Nu har jag nog äntligen de fyra läppstiften som jag vill ha från Lime Crime, men ändå kliar det fingrarna efter mer!! Haha, typiskt :) anywhosie... Kanske dyker det upp en beställning snart, kanske inte.. Oavsett så är jag super nöjd med läppstiften jag beställt!
Hade tur med priset också eftersom de hade rabatt på hemsidan då de firar 6års jubileum så hur nice va inte det!

Cosmopop har varit på min vill-ha lista hur länge som helst och är en väldigt fin coral orange.

Babette vart jag lite tveksam till men är glad att jag köpte nu är en nude/rosa... superfin!



med lillasyster yster!

Har hittar mitt nya favorit snacks! Soja och potatischips med ostsmak i märket TooGood! Finns att köpa på Green Matmarknad i Malmö om ni är sugna!! :)



I completely love this nail polish!

Detta är ett nagellack från Sephoras egna märke och är i färgen L 15 Gipsy. En dov, kall brun. Hur vacker som helst! Älskar kontrasten med min hudfärg :)

Lacket är medium pigmenterat, det behövs två lager med andra ord. Vilket är helt ok :) Det har även en ganska bra hållbarhet. Har diskat, lagat mat och allt :)

Love, Love, Love



va nyss förbi stadsbiblioteket och kom över dessa böcker!
Nu är det bara till att sätta sig ner i solen, slappna av och läsa :)

....coziness 💕