What was the actual cause of this post

So, what actually happened last week?
I'm extremely scared of dentists and doctors, partially from trauma but also my parents have inflicted some of their fears on me. This mean I have to go through hospital to be put under anesthesia which means, I am not allowed to go to the clinic myself or get myself out of there, their rules. Not mine. I don't own a car. My mother is not allowed to even take a drivers license.

My dad had originally cleared last Wednesday (7th) off for this appointment. But due to certain things it got delayed. And I was given an appointment on the 14th of august instead. The next morning (Tuesday) the hospital calls and says that they have an earlier appointment the day after (Wednesday) which was the original date to begin with.

Happily I try and call my dad several times to wake him up (thinking he was sleeping) and tell him the happy news. But I'm met with that he can't because he had rescheduled plans with his family which makes me upset as the hospital needed an answer that day and I was so happy cause I was in so much pain and would get it fixed the very next day. I wouldn't have to take 2-3 GRAMS of pain killers every day to have a functional day anymore! Taking that many pain pills every single day is dangerous. But, the "yearly trip with the boat" that they should had taken on the day I called him (Tuesday) was more important and the fact he said "I want to spend my one good vacation day with my family" was just like a dagger to my heart.

After it sunk in I hung up and bawled my eyes out for the rest of the day.