Parent trap

So I'm first going to talk about my impressions of meeting her father. I've lived in the same house as her mother so I have more to say on her than I do about him. That being said there are certain things that made me immediately dislike the man even before I met him. Of course I know better than most not to judge somebody by their past as mine is a bit checkered in places, but when it comes to my darling I can be particularly unforgiving. That being said she made me promise that I would not "Put my boot up his [email protected]#". I held to this promise thankfully, but it wasn't too hard if I'm honest. Getting to his home was a bit of a trek, and it took more than an hour all in all, but this also included a fair distance that we had to walk. She gripped a little bit that he didn't come and pick us up which would have made the trip a bit easier, but if I'm honest I didn't altogether mind as it meant I had a bit more time to prepare my "Meet the family attitude". I try my best to have a certain smile, be polite, and do all the niceties that polite society requires. Upon meeting him I was very surprised. I felt as if I had already met him which may have been because of his resemblance to Tay and to her now deceased brother, or it may have been because he reminded me of someone I must have forgotten. All in all he was extremely polite and I very quickly forgot about the notion of putting my foot anywhere except my shoe. He found my All throughout the day I had a constant and steady stream of coffee and food going into me. It was my kind of day long "fika". Fika is apparently a type of break that involves relaxing with coffee and food.

Now where things got interesting is that her step brothers, all three of them, were going to make an appearance which was apparently a very rare occasion that happened maybe once or twice a year. I almost knew that this was coming as who wouldn't want to take a chance and meet the guy who had been dating their sister for several years. So throughout the day I managed to meet the three and their significant others. It was an experience to say the least, and admittedly a little overwhelming. Though the kind words and conversation kept my energy up I was very quickly drained of all of my social energy. I'm an introvert at heart, and such a large gathering of people who primarily spoke in Swedish was a bit much for my nerves. If there hadn't been coffee and snacks I fear my composure would have broke long before the day was out.

The father's wife, as Tay call her, was also a special point of interest for me. You see Tay doesn't have the best relationship with her. Partly because it seems that she may purposefully or inadvertently say rude things, or interject with conversation that is happening between Tay and her father. My other foot was prepped in case it too needed to find another home, but of course she was perfectly polite so far as I could tell, and Tay gave no indication that there was anything wrong. In fact she seemed delightful as well. She fed me so she gets extra points. I'm a simple creature.

All in all meeting her extended family was a very pleasant experience, that only left me with the desire to see more of them, even if that wouldn't be particularly feasible. Her father especially seemed like a person I would like to get to better know. Though this could be because of how important he is to my Tay.

At the end of the night he drove us directly home which was nice of him in my opinion. Though I considered making it a point of walking back just to jab at him with my sharp knife of subtle undertones and initial rebuke of him not picking her up. Still it was nice. I sat in the back and quietly contemplated the visit as I meditated. They both thought I was asleep, but people in general think I'm sleeping when in fact I'm perfectly awake. Though I won't know what was exchanged between them I felt the undercurrent sway back and forth between comfortable silence and genuine affection that could be heard through the conversation that peppered the quiet. In some ways it's nice that I don't understand Swedish as they were able to have a private conversation even with me there which is something anyone can appreciate. He drove us up to the door of the apartments and we exchanged pleasantries before going inside. It was a good day, and I felt even closer to my darling.



Älskar din blogg och dina blogginlägg🎀 hoppas du får en bra dag🌸
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Åh. Gillar att läsa din blogg. Särskilt eftersom den är på engelska❤️
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Elisabeth (sjubarnsmamman),
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Dont know if i should write in english or swedish? haha!!
Thats so nice when you expect to meet somone really bad but it turns out not that bad 😉

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Haha, either way is fine honestly! I know both languages by heart ^^
Yea, it was a good day all things concidering, a bit too many people for my liking but being such a special occasion I thought it was really great!
Hope you have a great week as well!
Att läsa eng långa texter har jag tyvärr svårt för det smälter ihop imina ögon, dock är det bra att det finns
Haha, vet precis hur det är! Försöker hålla mina inlägg korta men Cody är mer utav en poet/författare så när han skriver så blir det oftast väldigt långa texter med lite äldre språk!
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