Mental exhaustion.

I believe I have talked about this before. But I will do it again.

I was diagnosed with "mental exhaustion" or also known as "being burnt out" a little over a year ago.
What causes this mental illness?
To put it in to simple words, long term stress and/or trauma.

Stress is good, in the right amount. It's that little thing that gives us some extra energy to make that one thing happen. Weather it's running to the buss or making sure dinner is ready at a certain time. Small amounts of stress is healthy. It's how our bodies were designed. The key is to also recover from this stress. In some cases, after being put through a more intense stress situation, you could need a day or two to recover and everything goes back to normal.

But when you don't, that's when mental exhaustion kicks in.

My brain is also very different from most. Because of everything I have been through my brain actively searches for multiple aspects for many of the new situations I encounter. This brings stress, it uses up a lot of my brain capacity, and I never have any time to recover. People tell me that I should just stop and let certain things go, but my mind just can't. I have no control which is frustrating and stressful.

I mentioned that mental exhaustion is caused by stress and/or trauma that either hasn't had time to recover, or hasn't had time or an opportunity to be processed with. For me, my mental exhaustion is based from years of trauma and stress that hasn't gotten recovery or processed. I'm not talking 1 year, 3, 5 or 10. I'm talking about nearly 20 years. And I'm only 24!

You will find something called psychological trauma in this big post I have made. To those that don't know what it is. 
A psychological trauma means the involvement of the person's experience over what once happened means to that individual. It means that the event that occurred still has a grip of the person. What once happened and the change it caused stops the individual to live their life to the fullest.