So before we talk about this particular subject of IKEA I feel like there needs to be some context. So one day Tay and I were going out to a local mall in search of things. One of the things I really wanted to find was Coffee. Even after only being here for a few days I could tell that the people of Sweden really enjoyed their coffee, and so I expected them to have some interesting coffee that I hadn't had before. You see I'm a coffee snob. No I don't mean I order a skinny upside down macchiato with extra foam with two shots and a caramel drizzle. For starters an upside down macchiato is just a latte no matter what you may think. I've had coffee from all over the world, and I know each bean from every country intimately. My personal favorite is from Jamaica, and costs about 90 USD a pound. Totally worth it though. Sadly, from all the shops that I was able to see none of them had anything more unique than their own unique blends. Which to be fair may have been delicious, but that can be really random and there was no indication of how much of each was in each blend. We finally went to what I was told was the "Best shop" that had the better coffee. I talked for a while with a fairly flustered person behind the counter, and I felt so bad asking questions that she obviously didn't know the answer to. Eventually I decided to at least buy some coffee here as I figured this was a standard, and I had already taken up enough of this employees time. I bought 250 grams which was a first for me buying in grams that wasn't of illicit nature. She berated me for buying just because I felt bad, but 10 bucks for a bit of coffee wasn't a big deal to me. Plus it was at least from India, and the flavors from that country are almost always good. Though it of course depends on where it's grown but I digress. Before we checked out I had considered buying a very cute little french press as they didn't have one back home. She told me not to, and that we would go...to IKEA!!! LAND OF THE SWEDES!!! She didn't say that last part.

So we ended up getting a ride from her friend to IKEA which was much appreciated as the trip there by public transport would have taken forever. The conversation that happened between us is what I consider pretty standard. I used to teach English as a second language, and so I'm used to being asked about America and more specifically Texas. It's a generally accepted fact that all Texans wear Cowboy boots, ride horses, drive trucks, and drink beer. I object to this stereotype despite the fact I only lack the horse from this stereotype. Anyways we made our way inside and she asks me if I want to eat. Now the IKEA that I'm used to only has a little store-front near the entrance that sells a few things. This was an actual place that we could go in and have a meal. It was delicious. If my IKEA had this I would go in there more often and buy the unusually complex furniture. If you even try to tell me it's not complex you're either a liar or a Swede.

After eating we explore the store a little bit, and to be honest It was almost a let down outside of the food. It's...well an Ikea. They have the same things you'd expect in an IKEA. Though I'm sure I saw a few unique items that deadpool would have appreciated. Of course anything is an improvement over the Hurdal. We find my wonderful little french press which is a little bit cheaper than the one I was eyeing at the brand name coffee store. I wonder if it was really worth the trip just for that. In hindsight I wish we had stayed a lot longer to look around a bit more. I could have used some insight on what kind of furniture she likes. It would have been worth not getting a ride home from her friend to also have more time wondering through Ikea which is what you're supposed to do in my opinion. We eventually made out way out of the store and met back up with her friend who drove us home. Finally in possession of my french press I was able to brew the coffee I had bought from the store. She asked me why I wanted to buy a french press when they had a coffee maker at home. I of course told her the obvious which is that the paper filter will remove some of the natural oils from the coffee which happens to be where most of the flavor is. She responded with the sigh that I've become used to as the privileged snobby American. If you ever want to get a pretty accurate idea of what I'm like you don't need to look much further than the character of Fraiser from..."Frasier" and "Cheers". I've been told numerous times that we are very much alike.

When the plunger was pushed down on the french press by Tay filtering the coffee grinds from the coffee I was so excited. I poured it into a glass with milk and sugar and took that first sip. It was truly just ok coffee.



Hope you have a great week 😄
Åh vilken fin bild! Ikea har verkligen allt man behöver och är lika roligt varje gång att vara på 😊
Ikea har mycket bra saker, kul att kunna besöks lite varstans i världen