How to cope with it all at age of 10

​I don't know if my parents know this... but they will now after reading this I suppose... all this stress had been built up.
I needed something to like, fix it.
At this time, there were no law against kids buying energy drinks.
Because there was no public information about how dangerous it was.
I would go through trashcans to recycle bottles, steal money from my mom.
Just to be able to buy energy drinks.
Worst of all.
I was smoking... at age of 10.
I picked up as many cigarette I could find that was half smoked. Me and my friend smoked them together. Thinking we were cool. But I also felt better with them... and this is why I today, as a smoker trying to quit. I try to smoke the whole thing up and throw the butt in a trashbin.