Oh my, four weeks have passed, a month, already!!
What has happened so far?
Besides the first very intensive week we're now spending most of our time down at the beach, at the gym and taking big decisions about what food we will cook.

We're also in the middle of house hunting, been to a few properties, nothing we've decided to apply for but it keeps us busy.
Tom got a job offer and decided to take it so he's now back in to banking.
I've still got some time to go until studies but trying to read it all through, got all tools I'll need for it, IT'S NOT CHEAP, that's for sure.

Last Saturday we spent at Bondi bowls to celebrate Rosie's 25th. DREAM!
Sunny day, barefoot bowling, pimm's, heaps of aperol and great people.

Went to our favourite place in manly the other day, FIKA Swedish kitchen. They've got heaps of Swedish goodies. Beside a big menu of Swedish dishes and drinks they sell swedens most traditional things such as gevalia coffee, Kalles caviar, wasa crispbread, Candies, marabou, norrlands guld beer and lots more. I love it' And for a sugar addict as myself there's possible to order Swedish princess cake, Swedish kladdkaka, saffron buns and even Semla!! What can I say, the ones who knows me knows my excitement!!

Caught up with some friends on Friday for a few more beers than we thought, back at Stayne In Manly!

This coming week though! Viktoria gets in tomorrow morning for five days in Sydney, Australia Day AND her birthday on top of that!
There will be lots of pictures taken for you y'all to see later on.

catch ya !

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