Welcome to this place in a modern technology we we call the internet.

I am delighted to introduce you to the delusions and confusions my mind provides me with.

Will you listen?

The internet is a strange place. Sometimes the internet feels more real than reality. Sometimes I feel a deeper connection with my computer screen than I do with any human being. That is the reason I am writing to the internet and not to a real person.

Real people are boring.

When I am outside in the city I feel like I am witnessing the death of humanity and it makes me feel good about myself.

Everything on the internet is everlasting, as long as the internet is everlasting. Does the internet depend on humanity or does humanity depend on the internet?

Real life is so boring.

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The internet is exciting.

Sometimes I am lying and sometimes I am telling the truth. If truth is the dream and lie is the reality, does it mean reality is a lie and dreams are the reality? Is that a relieving or frightful thought to you?

Tell me about your secrets.

I will show you mine.