Nothing has changed this world more than the internet. In the last few years this internet has revolutionized the whole world. Growing technology and easy access to internet has opened so many doors for people. Nobody has enough time to sit back and watch television to get news now they use their fingers and read it online. This internet has brought about one of the biggest discovery of 21st century now people have one more form of media called social media.

This social media has connected people from all around the globe. One person living in woods can be friends with another person laying on Bondi Beach in Australia. This is the power of social media; it has shortened the distance among people and has brought the whole world on one common stop. In the last few years numerous social networking websites have been developed and some of them grown so big that they are more populous than few big countries like China and India. Most of these social networking websites are free to access and after submitting some basic personal information anybody can create an account there. These social networking websites have helped every section of the society now a common man has got a platform to have a say and let the whole world know about it. People have used these social networking websites to good effects and they have used this platform to promote their business and market their products.One such huge social networking website is Instagram.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networking website. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom created Instagram. It was released in 2010 and now it has over 700 million users from all across the globe. Another major reason behind its success was its feature such as posting photos, uploading videos, putting up stories, and sending messages and in addition it offers various filters and share location option. This instagram is very popular amongst the celebs as well and it is the second most used social networking websites by celebs. There is a huge trend of hashtags (#) on social media and Instagram has this feature too, people can add hashtags to their posts and this helps them connect with the profiles of other users using the same hashtags (#). This instagram is turning out to be one great platform for people to showcase their talents. Let’s say if someone is a writer then he can add hashtags (#) like #writersofinstagram or #inkkandquill to connect with the entire writer community of Instagram. From big companies to freelancers everyone is using this Instagram to promote and market themselves. These hashtags (#) are very helpful as it can help one find things of their choice and can help people connect with the right community. Any Instagram user can easily Search Instagram Photos By Hashtag and the same way they can Find Instagram Videos by Hashtags and same way the location feature of Instagram helps one Search Instagram Picture By Location.

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