I have never been the one who really wants to go see the World Championship in hockey, it's fun to see it on TV, but that's it. Until the day my little brother made the team. We went to see two practice games that they played against Sweden and I discovered a new side of me. The one that screams and jumps up and down during the game, the one that swears and screams at the referees and so on, the one that really cares how it goes.
And the thing that changed the most, I'll never tell a dissapointed, sad or angry fan that it is just a game.
After those two practice games I decided if my brother makes the team for the World Championship, I have to go and see him play.
The wait was long, only one day before the start of the tournament the team was final and he was on the team. Which for me meant, now I needed to do my part, get off work, book tickets, hotel and so on. I was too afraid of bad karma to buy them before I knew he had made it.
Latvian team played great and won the first three games and so we were even more excited to go see how it will go for them against the really good ones like Sweden and USA.
We left from home in the middle of the night, took the first flight to Berlin and while waiting I got a call from my brother.
He was just asking where we were and how it was going, and then I heard that DING DONG airport like sound in the background, and then I knew that we will not be meeting him that day. It was the day of something bigger than any World Championship game, the day his daughter was born. I was full of emotions, huge happiness for them, I always cry when I get emotional, so I was really holding back tears and mixed feelings of OH NO, he's going home.
But we were already on our way and knew that it will be great trip anyways.
The first game against Sweden was close and fun to see, but I was not that same crazy fan.
Next day my brother was back and we were now looking so much more to the next game against USA.
Already on the way there we could see that it was so many more people than the last game against Sweden.
We took a beer outside the arena and just enjoyed the pre game atmosphere there. And later during the game I thought that I should have take many more than that one, would had been good for my nerves.
The game started in a full arena, 17 936 people were watching the game. Amazing atmosphere and me the crazy fan was back, I am not even sure if I was breathing during the time he was on the ice. Waving my flag and couldn't sit still, sorry the ones behind me, hope you could see something. And then one of the times his line was in I see him going forward and it looks dangerous and he makes a pass in front of the goal and they score!!!!! And I jump and scream and clap and probably do many weird moves, and we are leading against USA 1:0. At this moment there in doubt in me about the decision to come see him play, it was worth everything. Latvian team played so good, but unfortunately luck was on USA side and they won the game.
But I am so proud of him!
After the game we had some time do be true tourists and Maris joined us and we did some fun stuff. Took a bike taxi trough the city to take a cable train over the river and then ended the day with some classic german dinner with an amazing view of the cathedral.
And I wished so much that we could stay longer, to be there to support them and just enjoy the amazing hockey celebration that it is, but now we're already home.
It was an amazing couple days!

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