The first time I moved from home I was 14 years old, full of expectations and so curious to see the world. I truly had amazing time in Salzburg for about 3 years.

After finishing high school I moved to Denmark for 5 years to study. And after that hockey brought me to Sweden and there I have lived for exactly 4 years now.

So I have always moved around and somehow wondered about where I am going to end up, which place am I going to call home for good. Riga will always be my home, does not matter where I am, but as it seems now it's not going to be the place where I will be living for the rest of my life. But never say never.

When I was younger the priority was always what I thought was fun at that moment, never really thought much about the future. But getting older has made me realise that it is good to think about the future. But how to decide where to live, where to buy a house, build a family. It will most likely be around here somewhere.

I miss big city life, that's what I have grown up with, that's where I enjoy endless opportunities for everything, but for many years I have lived in small towns, and I have learned to love the country life as well. Everything being walking distance away and the possibility to be close to nature without having to go anywhere far, it's just outside the window.

Living in an other country I have always felt a little misunderstood, and feeling different than others, but still in so many ways the same. It takes time to accept how people are and think in an other country, it's much easier to accept their food culture and living ways. It's the thinking and values that takes more time to figure out and to find a way how to put yourself in between all of that. It feels like of any place I have been at Sweden has the biggest pressure on themselves, having to do good at everything, which I see as an amazing quality. And swedes as very welcoming as long as you come with good intentions.

Feels like it is time to decide and start building life on it.

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