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The cook at Harmony is absolutely going to places because thefoods were amazing. Whenever I go to Harmony Chinese Takeaway, I’m impressedwith the place all the time. I’m fascinated with the location of the placebecause it is accessible to the local people and it could catch the interest oflots of people, especially the travelers.

My friends also said the same thing about the takeaway. Wealso tried different eateries around our town and this is by far the best onethat we will always come back to. Our orders were never wrong and the staffalways gives quick service. Butterfly king prawns were fantastic!

Though it holds less significance to others but their ricewas always cooked to perfection. It was not ever greasy or salty which was agreat bonus. I also invited some of my relatives who just recently moved to Bournemouth to try the food of Harmony Chinese Takeaway and they weren’tdisappointed. And as a person who lives locally, I’m grateful that mysuggestion turned out great for them.

Because the Harmony satisfied our appetites, we promised tobecome its loyal customers for life. Their good and well-cooked takeaway foodis ideal for our flavor. Chinese takeaways, for me, generally taste better.

Harmony Chinese Takeaway has a good standard and once youplace your order, your food will arrive in less than an hour and you will neverhave problem ordering either.