When I was on Idol as Idol - Mali...

Many, MANY years ago; in 2006 I was on the Norwegian Idol. As a PR-stunt to get attention. Because I did NOT get enough attention the first time that I was on Idol, in 2004. (When you are born an Idol, you seek attention!) I was angry about that! But in 2006 it was a success indeed! And the video had been viewed 3 million times before someone decided to take it down. What the H**ll is wrong with YOU? JEALOUS? FREAKS!! and total losers! I guess jealous of the success that I got, and still have; to this DAY! YEAH! HATERS gonna HATE! We all know that!

Anyways; here is MY VIDEO! This is a proud moment of my life. NO SHAME! NO CARES!

Let me share my proud moment of success:

NO, IT`S NEVER TO LATE! Maybe it`s too late for you, but not for IDOL MALI!...(I am making merchendice with my photo right now! (THIS awesome photo!) I FEEL that you want a T-shirt with my face, just feel it!!) BTW: I said that I was not going to be Idol Mali earlier on this blog, in a previous post, but hey!. I have to be REAL here:

Once you`re IDOL MALI - you never go back!

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