My Wonderful World

I just came here to say that NOUW is much better than I first said it is. And that blogg.no has a lot to learn from NOUW!

I have blogged EVERYWHERE! So trust me when I say; NOUW is great!

CONS: I just don´t like the footer, and the advertisement on this blog, but I am blogging here for free so I should not complain too much, I guess. The url is weird; it starts with nouw and then the username. OKAY! I CAN accept it... I can. NOT perfect, but I CAN accept it. IDOL MALI CAN accept it.

PROS: I LOVE the fact that it has such an easy blog design builder. You simply just drop the boxes around. Even a very retarded person can do this, blindfolded, okay...let`s not bully anybody here. Not what I came here for!


From thumbs down to thumbs up!

Written by a very experienced blogger AND website editor (html/css editor.)

I have been desperate for a comeback. And was willing to try any blog platform known to mankind.

I NEVER succeeded as a blogger, though. I am not mainstream enough.

BUT your girl can do other things!

Please follow my weird blog ;-) (IF you dare!) Are you WEIRD ENOUGH? That is the question.

Weirdness seek weirdness, so if you are already here, then congratulations!; YOU ARE A FREAK too! lol

Do NOT be ashamed of who you are...

This is me:



YouTube Videos

Many, MANY years ago; in 2006 I was on the Norwegian Idol. As a PR-stunt to get attention. Because I did NOT get enough attention the first time that I was on Idol, in 2004. (When you are born an Idol, you seek attention!) I was angry about that! But in 2006 it was a success indeed! And the video had been viewed 3 million times before someone decided to take it down. What the H**ll is wrong with YOU? JEALOUS? FREAKS!! and total losers! I guess jealous of the success that I got, and still have; to this DAY! YEAH! HATERS gonna HATE! We all know that!

Anyways; here is MY VIDEO! This is a proud moment of my life. NO SHAME! NO CARES!

Let me share my proud moment of success:

NO, IT`S NEVER TO LATE! Maybe it`s too late for you, but not for IDOL MALI!...(I am making merchendice with my photo right now! (THIS awesome photo!) I FEEL that you want a T-shirt with my face, just feel it!!) BTW: I said that I was not going to be Idol Mali earlier on this blog, in a previous post, but hey!. I have to be REAL here:

Once you`re IDOL MALI - you never go back!



​Har kommet frem til konklusjonen at blogg.no er kanskje hakket bedre likevel, pga...HVORDAN I H******VETE fjerner man den LINJA øverst med NOUW "Nyheter, Meldinger, Varslinger" osv? NEI; det liker jeg dårlig! Til tross for at bloggdesign-byggeren er mye mere pro og moderne så får denne NOUW tommelen ned likevel , og stjernekast 3.

Sorry, men det er den harde, brutale realiteten. 

Men jeg liker en del andre ting da.

Men ikke nok til at jeg gir NOUW en 3, bygger på en 4....kanskje en 4?

Vi blogges kanskje her igjen!

Kanskje en 5-er og da....

Men ikke 6.

/Mali ✌



Idol Mali er tilbake! Jeg kommer fra blogg.HeltTragisk.no. Og vil prøve noe annet nå. Jeg forstår vel mer etterhvert her. Det er helt annerledes å skrive innlegg her. Ja, bedre på mange måter også (mer proft her!) men litt uvant. Blir vel mere vant.

Jeg setter i fra meg denne her, jeg. Håper det går bra...

Følg meg gjerne og vi blogges! ;-)